Soldiers recommended for gallantry medals

The following officers and men of the Bedfordshire Regiment have been recommended for gallantry medals, some posthumously.



Lieut-Col C. R. J. Griffith, DSO

Major W. Allason

Major E. J. de S. Thorpe

Capt C. E. Goff (Liverpool Regiment, attached)

Capt J. Macready

Capt J. MacM Milling

Lieut W. St J. Coventry

Lieut J. S. Davenport

Second-lieut A. G. R. Garrod (3rd Leicester Regiment, attached)

Second-lieut L. W. Rendell (killed in action, October 19th)

The Major who walked into a snipers' nest


Brave or foolhardy? It was an extraordinary story revealed by Lance-Cpl F. Howe, of the 1st Bedfords, in a letter published in the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph on February 20th, 1915.

The newspaper put the incident down to an example of the gallantry and courage of the Bedfordshire Regiment, when Lance-Cpl Howe told of the extermination of a nest of German snipers.

Beds Regt casualty list: February 15th, 1915

On February 15th, 1915, the Beds Regiment casualty list included the additional names.



Gamble: Bernard, Acting Coy Sgt-Major 9288, 1st Battalion, December 13th (Bailleul Communal Cemetery)



Ashton L., 6586

Dawks W., 9664

Field C., 6536

Marvell W., 9659

Scales W., 5206



Allsop, Sgt R., 8238

Baker F. C., 10321

Benton W., 8252

Brown L-Cpl W., 9999

Croft H., 6494

Lucky Cyril Bunyan escapes via Holland

Private Cyril Bunyan, who had enlisted with the North Midland Royal Field Artillery stationed in Luton after escaping from occupied Brussels, had told The Luton News about what life was like in the Belgian capital following the German occupation. In this final episode of his story he talks of his dash for liberty via Holland and the narrow squeaks along the way.

Diary: The Green family at war

Stories from the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph, February 13th, 1915

The Saturday Telegraph placed the spotlight on the role brewer Mr John William Green and his family were playing in the current crisis and included photographs of eight members of the family.

Mr Green himself had never taken any military office, his work lying in preparing for the care of the sick and wounded. Two years ago he was appointed Honorary Commandant of the Men's Voluntary Aid Detachment.

Beds Regt casualty list: February 13th, 1915



The following Bedfordshire Regiment casualties were reported on February 11th, 1915.


Skinner: Thomas, Pte 7498, aged 33, 1st Battalion, November 18th (Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery)

Hammond: M., Pte 3/8155, 1st Battalion, December 9th (Dranouter Churchyard)


Bacon J., 8208

Barber E., 9495

Brace Cpl F., 9001

Brown E., 7057

Bullen A. W., 8160

Charge Cpl R., 6807

Feary F., 8119

Who serves the King? February 11th, 1915

More local men serving with the Colours.

Frederick MOORES: Electrical Artificer, HMS Fishguard - late of 54 Inkerman Street, Luton.

William H. MOORES: Electrical Artificer, HMS Woolwich, 1st Destroyer Flotialla - late of 54 Inkerman Street, Luton.

E. ABBOTT: Sapper, East Anglian R.E. - 77 Chase Street, Luton.

Rosy view of the progressive hat trade

While there was disquiet among workers in the hat trade over low wages, the local correspondent of the Hatters' Gazette painted a rosy picture of the industry.

He wrote that a tour of some of the factories of the neighbourhood was productive of several interesting results, and to the writer, who had known the straw trade for over 40 years, it was a real pleasure, filled with admiration, at the progressive enterprise of the various parties concerned in the trade.

Luton Swimming Club roll of honour

Luton Amateur Swimming Club have 37 members with the colours, according to a preliminary roll of honours issued by the Midland District A.S.A. One member, Mr W. Brandram, a regular swimmer and helper from Letchworth, is reported to have been killed at the front. Other members:

W. Land, Royal Engineers

S. Hawkins, North Midland R.F.A.

A. Harris, North Midland R.F.A.

A. Paramor, Beds Yeomanry

Mr Byran, Beds Yeomanry

L. E. Harris, Royal Engineers

P. Lovell, 23rd Battn, London Regiment


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