Just another day in the trenches


A Territorial who signed himself merely as "Grenade" sent The Luton News an account of his experiences during a day in the trenches, with just a few moments of excitement and tragedy amid what was mostly mud and routine. This is what he wrote:

The sergeant popped his head in at the stable door, where my section was billeted, and shouted, "No. 3 Company to parade in full marching order at 3.30 outside billets. Remember, it's our turn in the trenches tonight!" He then disappeared.

Diary: Lieutenant awarded the Military Cross


Stories from The Luton News: Thursday, March 18th, 1915.

The brilliant work of the East Anglian Royal Engineers on February 20th, when they stormed and blew up some German trenches, has been fittingly recognised. Lieut C. H. Humphreys, formerly of Luton, has been awarded the Military Cross. He is the only Territorial of the 25 officers who received awards.

Mayor inspects troops' living conditions


For some weeks past rumours have been prevalent in Luton that the treatment and feeding of the men of the 5th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment at Bury St Edmunds was very bad. It was evident to the South Beds Recruiting Committee that these rumours must have a very prejudicial effect on recruiting unless the lie could be given to the stories which were being circulated.

Lutonian in action at Neuve Chapelle


Pte E. F. Birchmore, one of five Lutonians serving in the 2nd Border Regiment, sent a graphic account of the fighting at Neuve Chapelle to Mr Herbert Burgess, of 3 Adelaide Street.

"Come on my lads, now's your chance. Charge!" was the call to which the regiment answered in the thick of the fight. They went through a terrible ordeal to attain success, and casualties were many. Of the five Lutonians only Pte Birchmore was in fighting trim when he wrote. Two others were wounded, one was sick at the base and the fifth was missing.

Diary: Support for Recruiting Sunday


Stories from The Luton News, Thursday, March 11th, 1915.

Luton clergy gave their support to a Recruiting Sunday for the Bedfordshire Regiment on March 21st, the principal feature of which would be an open-air mass meeting to be held in the centre of town at 3 pm.

Anglican, Congregational, Methodist and Baptist clergy attended a meeting of the Recruiting Committee at Luton Town Hall last night to give their support.

Beds Regt casualty lists: March 8th-10th, 1915


The Beds Regt casualty list for Monday, March 8th, 1915.


Cole: Cpl George Henry (28), 8152, 1st Battalion, February 16th, 1915 (R.E. Farm Cemetery)

Gardiner: Pte John, 3/7028, 1st Battalion, February 16th (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)

Gumbrell: Pte John George, 8037, 1st Battalion, November 15th, 1914 (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)

Noakes: Pte Arthur Benjamin, 8101, 1st Battalion, February 18th, 1915 (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)

Diary: Lady Wernher to equip 50 Volunteers


Stories from the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph, March 6th, 1915.

Lady Wernher at Luton Hoo has intimated that she will equip 50 men of the Luton Volunteer Corps. The announcement was made by corps vice-chairman Mr Harry Inwards at a smoking concert given by the committee of the corps on Thursday evening in a Town Hall decorated with plants and the flags of the Allies.


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