Beds Regt casualty list: January 26th, 1915

A very heavy casualty list was notified in connection with the Bedfordshire Regiment on January 26th, 1915. These lists were issued several weeks after the events - between October 26th and November 11th, 1914, in this instance. The Luton News printed only surname, rank (where other than a private), initials and service number. These have been augmented here with details from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in the cases of those killed.


Andrews: L-Cpl Jake Clarke (aged 23), 10124, 1st Battn, November 7th (Le Touret memorial)

Luton hat trade report, January 1915

The first month of the current year is approaching its close, and notwithstanding the state of war through which the Empire is passing, the business activity of the town is approaching its normal condition at this period of the year. Everywhere there are signs of an expanding industry, especially as regards the production of straw hats, as distinct from those made of woven fabrics.

Diary: Billeting is entirely a police matter

Stories from the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph, January 23rd, 1915

Chief Constable David Teale said billeting was being carried out by the military while not being accompanied by a police officer.

He told the Telegraph: "You may put it very plainly to the public that neither an officer nor a soldier has any authority whatever to billet soldiers on householders. Billeting rests entirely with the police, who alone are the persons to say who shall have the soldiers and how many they shall have.

Recruits to Regulars and Engineers

The following have joined the Regular Army through the medium of the recruiting office at the Luton Corn Exchange:

Abrahams W.

Brown H. T.

Chamberlain A.

Conisbee A.

Eldsdon E.

Halfhead P. B.

Halfhead S. G.

Halley W.

King J.

Lenton J. B.

Rolph G. W.

Smith F.


The following have enlisted at Luton with the East Anglian Engineers:

Bunker A.

Biggs A. J.

Cook C. H.

Cowell J.

Cawdell H.

Champkin A.

Dobbs G.

Diary: Luton pays last respects to soldier

Stories from the Beds and Herts Saturday Telegraph, January 16th, 1915.

A Luton soldier who died in Edinburgh Military Hospital from wounds received at the front was laid to rest in the Luton Church Cemetery yesterday [January 15th, 1915]. It was probably the first time in the history of the town that a private soldier fatally wounded on a foreign battlefield has found his resting place in his native town.

Beds Regt casualty list: January 15th, 1915

On January 15th, 1915, the following further casualties were notified in connection with the Bedfordshire Regiment.


BALDOCK Arthur, Sgt 9602, October 31st

BARRS Wilfred John, Pte 3/6127, October 26th

BELFIELD Samuel Arthur, Pte 3/7145, October 31st

BRAZIER James, Pte 9253, October 31st

BRESNAHAN Michael, Pte 3/6308, October 31st

BURNAGE Harry, Pte 9112, October 31st

BURNS William, Pte 9046, October 31st

BUTCHER Edgar, Pte 10076, October 31st

CAIN Sidney, Pte 7393, October 31st

Diary: Is son wounded, dead or prisoner?

Stories from The Luton News, January 14th, 1915

The mystery of the whereabouts of Pte Cyril W. Worboys, of the 10th (Prince of Wales's Own Royal) Hussars, after he was wounded at the front on October 17th has now been partly solved, thanks to unremitting inquiries by his mother, Mrs Bray, who lives at 12 Alfred Street, Luton.

Her son, who is 24 years old, enlisted in the Bedfords seven years ago, and less than a year since to transferred to the Hussars. As a boy he attended Surrey Street School.

The war through a German woman's eyes

There are two sides to every story, they say. So how did the German perception of the British compare to the British perception of Germans after the first few months of war?

One German woman who had been in Luton shortly before war broke out outlined her thoughts and experiences in a letter to Madame Hilton, of Roxbury, New Bedford Road.

Fraulein Else Asbach was a young German teacher employed by Madame Hilton. She wrote two letters to her former employer when she got home to Berlin, the second one sent via Switzerland just before Christmas.

Beds Regt casualty list: January 12th, 1915

On January 12th, 1915, the following additional casualties were officially reported.


Cogan - Sgt Alfred James, 7633, aged 33, 1st Beds, KIA November 7th, 1914 (Le Touret Memorial)

Cogan - Sgt William John, 7383, aged 29, 1st Beds, KIA November 7th, 1914 (Le Touret Memorial)



Knight - Pte Robert, 8599, aged 27, 1st Beds, d November 11th, 1914 (Le Touret Memorial)



Apling F., 7583

Byne R., 6911

Chalkley P., 9057

Messages from prisoners of war

It was not just men in the trenches whose letters were being recorded in The Luton News. Messages from prisoners of war were also being reproduced.

For instance, Sgt A. Birley, of the 1st Battalion Gloucester Regiment, who was held prisoner at Munster, Westphalia, sent a postcard to his wife, who was staying with her sister, Mrs W. O. Payne, in New Bedford Road, Luton.


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