Beds Regt casualty list: February 5th, 1915

The following list of Bedfordshire Regiment casualties was issued on February 5th, 1915. Only names, initials and service numbers were notified at the time.



Brown I., 7947

Gray F., 8740

Jaggers H., 9587

Ward F., 5176



Bailey: Frederick, Pte 7469, 1st Battn, November 7th (St Julien Dressing Cemetery)

Beds Regt casualty list: February 1st, 1915

The following list of casualties was notified in connection with the Bedfordshire Regiment on Monday, February 1st, 1915.



Alderton L-Cpl R, 10205

Bartholomew T., 8318

Boniface B., 8318

Bonnett J., 6545

Brazier H., 9580

Brewer F., 6809

Bridge W., 7231

Brown R. A., 8827

Butcher F., 6509

Byatt C., 6100

Calver A. S., 8116

Carey Cpl J.H., 8179

Cater H., 10282

Chapman S., 7457

Colgrave A., 7301

Copping W. T., 10263

Lighting during air raids

Light emitted from factories and street lamps in the event of an air raid was the concern at a conference attended by town councillors and representatives of Luton's electricity and gas undertakings and large factories on Friday, January 31st, 1915. And the public was urged not to be alarmed if the lights did go out.

Beds Regt casualty list: January 30th, 1915

The January 30th, 1915, list of officially notified Beds Regiment casualties included the following.



Anderson S.

Barrett G.

Brown W.

Davis J.

Denton P. F.

Flecknell F.

Holmes, Cpl R.

Kester A. W.

Parker G. B.

Parrott H.

Porter W. T.

Rainbow C.

Roberts I.

Vass W. J.

Walker H.


[Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph, January 30th, 1915]



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