Private Horace Marlow

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United Kingdom

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79 Buxton Road
United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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  • Soldier

Horace Marlow was born in Sundon, Bedfordshire in 1901. He was 1 of 9 children born to Frederick & Emma.

In 1911 he is aged 10 & living with his family in Sundon. His eldest brother George is 18 years old & working as a chalk digger in a lime works, his 16 year old brother Arthur is a truck driver & 14 year old brother Fred is a farm labourer with his 43 year old father. Ivy Sarah aged 8 is also at school whilst their 44 year old mother is at home looking after 2 year old Doris & 3 week old Evelyn (Cissie).

Horace joined the Bedfordshire Regiment on the outbreak of war on 17th September 1914 whilst living at 79 Buxton Road, Luton.

On the 8th August 1915 he found himself serving with the 1/5th Battalion 'The Yellow Devils' at Gallipoli, where he was wounded.

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