Royal Marines Light Infantry

Lance Corporal George Thomas Winch

L-Cpl George Thomas Winch, CH/14986, Royal Marine Light Infantry, died from double pneumonia in the Royal Naval Hospital, Edinburgh, on November 5th, 1918. He was aged 36.

Luton-born George had originally enlisted at Plymouth in 1901 for 12 years, and was in the Royal Fleet Reserve when mobilised at the outbreak of war. He saw service on various fronts, including Gallipoli and France, and during his last 12 months had been on patrol duty at sea.

Private George Stokes

George Stokes, was one of the first Luton-born casualties of the war to be reported missing in the pages of the Luton News. He was serving on HMS Amphion, the first Royal Navy ship to be sunk in the conflict. Launched in December 1911, the cruiser hit a mine on August 6th while defending the eastern approaches of the English Channel.

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