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B. and N. Hughes , 4th May 2014
Postcard from WWI WE Owen Collection

Complete Postcard album of Driver William Edward Owen. A fantastic resource containing roughly 90 postcards, offering a wonderful insight into the life of a soldier during WWI.

These postcards have not yet been transcribed so, visitors to the site are welcome to register, and use the comments section below this entry to add their transcriptions of the written content on these postcards.

The postcards vary in style from embroidery to printed media, and simple message cards.

Feel free to browse them all, via the media/files link on the left side of this page. Please note that the images are protected by watermarks to avoid copyright issues. We have made a due diligence search for the original copyright owners, and wish to protect their interest if they subsequently come forward.

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Postcard from WWI WE Owen Collection

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