Scheme for 1,000 new houses

[The Luton Reporter: Tuesday, April 22nd, 1919]

A practical start has at last been given to the scheme for the erection in Luton of 1,000 new houses under the Housing Act now going through Parliament by a decision of the Town Council to enter into agreements for the purchase of approximately 89 acres 1 rood 4 poles of land as sites for the full number of houses required, subject to the approval of the Local Government Board.

The total purchase money involved, subject to a survey of the land, is £44,564, and application is being made for sanction to the borrowing of this amount, plus £448 for stamp duty. This represents less than half the initial outlay, as over 81 acres of the land to be purchased is undeveloped, and it is estimated that anything from £50,000 to £80,000 will have to be added to the cost in respect of the necessary development. The sites selected are six in number.

Rear of Russell Rise: owner Mr A. Wilkinson, area 18 acres for 216 houses, price £1 17s 6d per pole or £300 per acre, total £5,400 with the addition of £500 for Flint Cottage, which is required to obtain suitable access to the site.

Dunstable Road (Maiden Common, exclusive of land on the railway side of Selbourne Road): Luton Suburban Estate Ltd, 26 acres 1 rood for 315 houses, £3 per pole or £480 per ace, £12,600.

Selbourne Road: Luton Suburban Estates Ltd, 6 acres 2 roods 24 poles for 76 houses, £6 per pole, or £960 per acre, £5,424.

Stratford Road: Newcombe Estates Ltd, 380 poles for 45 houses, £8 per pole or £1,280 per acre, £3,128.

Hart Hill: Sir Julius Wernher's trustees, one field of 32 acres for 278 houses, £2 3s 9d per pole or £350 per acre, £11,200. Only 23 acres are required for the 278 houses, and therefore the remainder of the field, 9 acres, will be available for houses or other purposes. The owners will not sell a portion of the field.

Biscot Mill Estate (both frontages of Beaumont Road and Cavendish Road between Biscot Road and Denbigh Road): Mr A. Oakley and others, 789 poles for 70 houses, £8 per pole or £1,280 per acre, £6,312.