Regimental name change proposed

The suggestion has been made to the Army Council that the title of the Bedfordshire Regiment should in future be the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment, wrote The Luton Reporter (Tuesday, March 18th, 1919).

This announcement was made by the Under Secretary of State for War to a deputation from the Herts County Council who recently presented a claim for the formation of a regular line regiment for Hertfordshire. The claim of the deputation was that during the war Hertfordshire had supplied 9,000 officers and other ranks to the Territorial Force, and 8,000 to the new army, not counting those serving in the regular and special reserve battalions of the Bedfordshire Regiment at the outbreak of war.

( Beds & Herts Regt badge (NAM1970-12-172-8)If this number were counted the total would be roughly 20,000, as the majority of the Bedfordshire Regiment was recruited in Hertfordshire. They did not desire any battalions of the Bedfordshire Regiment broken up as a result of their request, but asked that if the number of regular regiments is to be increased, Hertfordshire should be given two regular battalions and a special reserve battalion.

The reply of the Under Secretary of State for War was that it was not intended to form any new regular battalions at the present time, and it was impossible to hold out any hope of meeting the request while the size of the army of the future is still unsettled. Besides, he did not consider the recruiting figures disclosed that there would be sufficient men to maintain two regular battalions of the Bedfordshire Regiment and two of the Hertfordshire Regiment. Approximately 250 recruits were required each year to keep two regular battalions up to strength.

The deputation intimated that the proposal announced of a change in the title of the Bedfordshire Regiment would be acceptable, but asked that this should not debar their claim for consideration if new regular battalions are formed at a later date.

This was agreed to, and it was decided that the question of the regimental badge should be dealt with later.