Postcard to a POW finally finds him

[From the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph: April 5th, 1919]

A postcard with a travel history during the past few months has been handed to us by Mrs Attwood, wife of Councillor A. Attwood.

She did much good work for the prisoners of war, and last July wrote a postcard to Pte Leonard Frankham, 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment, a Luton man imprisoned in Germany, giving him news of his home.

Owing probably to Pte Frankham being transferred he could not be traced, and the card, as evidenced by the writing and marks it bears, went to various places, and even to Berlin.

It proves that the German authorities who dealt with it went to considerable trouble to find the addressee, even to the extent of returning the card to England when Pte Frankham could not be found.

It is interesting to add that both Pte Frankham and the postcard are now in Luton.