Post-riots holiday atmosphere for police

[The Luton Reporter: Tuesday, August 5th, 1919]

The vigorous action taken by the authorities to quell disorder in Luton has proved so effective that since the first two nights following the burning of the Town Hall there have been no signs of conflict between the public and the police, and the time spent by the outside police in Luton has been for them something of a holiday. Not a few of them have had their wives here to share it.

Their duties have been light, and the arrangements made to make their enforced stay anything but irksome very thorough, and if time has hung a bit heavy on their hands they have not complained.

Splendid comradeship has been in evidence among the members of the various forces represented, and this was especially noticeable on Monday [July 28th], when the borough Chief Constable thoughtfully provided a sports meeting for their enjoyment. The Town FC placed the football ground at the disposal of the policemen for the festival – various local firms, tradesmen and other prominent townspeople subscribed a fine lot of prizes, and a capital programme was got together under the secretarial direction of Warrant Sgt Speight.

The Luton force were completely out of it in the individual events, but they came into their own in the inter-police tug-of-war, going through without losing a pull. The winning team was captained by Insp Janes, and consisted of Sgts Janes, Matsell and Parsons, and Pcs Byron, Causebrook, Cooper, Odell and Rushmer.

Prior to the sports there was decided at the police station the final of a billiard tournament for a cue in case, given by Chief Constable Griffin, and a second prize presented by Dr Sworder.