Peace Day riots cases, part 1

Prosecutions list 2-8-1919

Estimates put the crowds in George Street and surrounding roads at up to 10,000 during the Peace Day celebrations in Luton and their fiery aftermath. Of those, just 39 were destined to appear in court for offences related to the disturbances.

And of those 39, 11 (seven women and four men) were considered to have not contributed to the worst elements of the riots by being involved in most cases in less violent offences of looting and receiving stolen goods. These were sentenced by Luton magistrates in cases heard between between July 30th and August 2nd, 1919. The remainder were required to be sent for trial at Beds Assizes for their cases to be heard by a Judge and jury the following October, most of those being remanded in custody.

Reproduced above is the official court sheet (now held at Wardown House Museum) of the results of the magistrates' hearings.

Meanwhile, the Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph of August 2nd, 1919, devoted three of its eight pages to the magistrates court hearing. These are reproduced below.

Saturday Telegraph riots1

Saturday Telegraph riots2

Saturday Telegraph riots3