New homes dispute between villages

[The Luton Reporter: Tuesday, September 23rd, 1919]

Something of a deadlock has been reached in regard to the housing scheme for Leagrave and Limbury. The Housing Commissioner has practically intimated that he will not recommend for sanction anything but a joint scheme for he two parishes and has strongly counselled the selection of a site in the Icknield Way, but both parish councils area against it.

Limbury have recommended a site on the Limbury Road and asked that if this is not suitable the parish council and Rural District Council should meet some Saturday afternoon to discuss the matter.

Leagrave Council are unanimous in their opposition to the Icknield Way site on the grounds that it is undesirable and expensive, and that it is entirely situated in the Limbury parish, and they desire to have houses built in their own parish. They also ask for an opportunity to confer with the Commissioner or one of his representatives.

“It just shows the impossibility of coming to an agreement between the three bodies,” said the Surveyor at the meeting of Luton Rural District Council on Monday [September 15th]. “If you are seeking to satisfy Leagrave and Limbury as regards one site you have got an impossible task, and the thing we should do is what the Commissioner suggested, carry on the work regardless of he parish councils.”

“You will never get the two parishes to agree,” said Mr R. Sear and, amid laughter, the Clerk said they would never agree to let the two sewages run down the same sewer; they were afraid one would contaminate the other.

With respect to the suggestion of a joint meeting, the Chairman (Mr B. Hartop) said they knew from past experience there was no probability of the two parishes seeing eye to eye. Between Leagrave and Limbury there was a great gulf and the only way out of the difficulty would be to get the County Council to make the two parishes into one.

Mr Sear moved that the Council should take steps to secure the Limbury Road site and have nothing whatever to do with Leagrave. He found a seconder in his bosom friend, the Rev P. Hyne, but an amendment for the acquisition of the Icknield Way site for a joint scheme was carried by five votes to two.