Infants hospital amalgamation possibility

Children's hospital

[From the Luton Reporter, Tuesday, April 15th, 1919]

The possibility of amalgamating the infants hospital provided for in Luton Town Council's maternity and infant welfare scheme with the Children's Sick and Convalescent Home, London Road, was brought forward for discussion at the close of the annual meeting of the Children's Home on April 8th, 1919.

The discussion was taken in committee, but earlier in the meeting Dr Sworder took the opportunity of dealing with a statement by Councillor Primett that the rules of the institution did not permit the admission of children up to the age of three years. He said he had something to do with that rule, because when the home was started they could not afford an expensive lot of luxuries and they were afraid that if they took all the babies that came along the staff would be overdone.

They were obliged for the sake of the nurses as well as the elder children to limit the use of the institution for babies, but in making that rule it was agreed there should be no red tape, and it should be left to the medical superintendent and the House Committee to see they took in as many children under three as could be accommodated. As a matter of fact they took in 60 of these children in 1917.

Councillor Primett replied that he hoped it would not be thought he was criticising the home or its administration, because that was furthest from his intention. The deed distinctly stated children should not be admitted under three, except in exceptional cases, and that was who the home did not take in quite the class of children they wanted to make provision for in the Corporation scheme.

Dr Sworder said he did not know it was in the deed, he thought it was only a rule. The Hon Secretary, Mr B. T. Crew, said Councillor Primett was perfectly right in his statement, but the Committee had been breaking the rule for years.