Hoo day entertainers and organisers

[Beds & Herts Tuesday Telegraph: August 19th, 1919]

In addition to the sports and cricket match, variety entertainments were given during the afternoon and evening by the Eugene Concert Party and by the DS&S Concert Party. There was also a Punch and Judy show. In the DS&S party there were Misses A. White, D. Burton and K. Timms; Messrs W. J. Ellingham, G. M. Wells and H. B. White (at the piano), assisted by Mr Fairey and the Brothers Cavanagh.

The Red Cross Band played for dancing in the enclosure from seven o'clock and continued playing as long as they could see.

Refreshments for all were available in the marquees during the evening, but many people did not know this was the case as it had not previously been announced. However, those who did know helped to spread the information, and it was also announced from the bandstand.

During the evening many people also found pleasure in rambling further afield in the Park. There was a first aid tent near the sports ground, and at this nine minor cases were dealt with during the day.

Mr James Baker, Lady Wernher's agent, was a tower of strength in his capacity as president of the organising committee, and Mr Willcox, of the Luton Hoo Estate Office, was a capable right-hand man, particularly in connection with laying out the ground. To co-operate with them were the committee men whose names are given below:

DS&S – Members of the general committee, Messrs C. Barber, H. C. Cooper and E. A. Barton. Sports committee, Messrs W. B. Clay, S. T. Weevall, L. Gore, Pruden, Samms A. Mead and W. J. Jeffery.

Comrades – Members of the general committee, Messrs J. Buckingham, S. Bowles and Colin E. Daniels. Sports committee, Lt-Col Newton DSO, Messrs C. Shane, A. N. Brown, S. Leach, J. Hall, N. Shepherd and A. E. Rinkard.

Unattached – Members of the general committee,Messrs A. B. Robertson, F. Stanbridge and S. W. Wilkinson. Sports committee, Messrs W. Irons, W. Hoar, H. Davis, C. Cooper, A. Else and A. T. Catling.