Cash help for riot prisoners' families

Among the relief cases heard at the Monday, October 27th, 1919, meeting of the Luton Board of Guardians were several of dependents of rioters who had received prison sentences.

The first involved a wife and four children, the man having received three months. The sum of 25 shillings a week was suggested, but Mr Breadsell urged further consideration. The woman was expecting another child, and he asked for liberality for the woman, who was hard-working and respectable.

Mrs Attwood, presiding in the absence of Mayor Henry Impey, said they could not let the women and children suffer for misdeeds of the men. Councillor Primett suggested 30 shillings a week. Mrs Lewis seconded, and that amount was granted.

There was another case of a woman and four young children, the husband being in prison for several months. The woman was able-bodied and earning money, and 25 shillings a week was granted.

In another case, the woman was receiving help from a son, and five shillings a week for 22 weeks was allowed.

[Beds & Herts Tuesday Telegraph: October 28th, 1919]