Wardown trophies of war

Luton's tank, presented to the town in recognition of the support accorded to the War Savings movement, is to be placed in Wardown Park in company with a naval gun captured from the Germans in Palestine by the 1/5th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, reported The Luton News of February 5th, 1920.

These decisions were arrived at on Tuesday evening, when the Town Council met in the Lecture Hall at the Public Library, where the meetings of Council will now be held until such time as a new Town Hall materialises.

Sergeant William Whittaker

William Whittaker was the eldest son of George and Fanny Whittaker. He was brother to Joesph, Polly, Sarah, James, Herbert and Samuel Whittaker; and half brother to Richard Leech.

William was from Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, and served in the Army Veterinary Corps at the North Midland Veterinary Hospital. Luton.

Establishing a Territorial Hospital at Brook Street


For some time past the R.A.M.C, have had a hospital camp At Wardown, but with the approach of colder weather it has been thought necessary to secure a building where warmth and comfort, combined with better attention, could be secured for the patients. The inmates will not be wounded soldiers from the front, but will comprise local accidents and illnesses of Territorials which in the ordinary course of things come under the care of the R.A.M.C, camp at Wardown.

1917 Regimental Sports Day, Wardown Park


Regimental Sports.

Truly it was a gala day for Biscot on Saturday, a red letter day in the career of the R.F.A. men, for it was the occasion of their regimental sports. The Wardown cricket ground presented an animated and picturesque scene with its crowds of spectators. The brilliant sunshine aiding the effect of the varied colours of the summer dresses worn by the ladies and the khaki uniform, of the men.

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