Blast factory inferno survivors' stories

A little group of men stood by the side of a fence near the scene of the Kingsway factory destruction, and it was amongst those that a Telegraph representative discovered some of the survivors of the original explosion.

All of them bore witness to the ordeal through which they had passed. One had his face bandaged; another had his arm dressed; while one of them wore a shirt which was burned into holes.

Ammunition factory explosion sparks inferno

World War One ammunition resulted in a catastrophic explosion that rocked Luton – but it happened 21 months after the Great War had ended.

The events of Saturday, August 14th, 1920, were recorded on the day by the Saturday Telegraph under the multiple headlines: Luton ammunition blaze – Kingsway factory wrecked – Six casualties – Firemen work amid continuous explosions – Millions of rounds involved – Neighbouring works damaged.


Miss G D Randall

Miss Randall of Limbury, Leagrave, is listed in the National Roll of the Great War as a Special War Worker at Kent's Munitions Factory, Luton.

This lady volunteered her services for work of National Importance and from October 1917 until December 1919 was employed in the No. 80 Fuse Department of the Munition Works at Chaul End and was present when the explosion took place at the factory in February 1918. She rendered valuable services throughout.

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