Certificate of Discharge W.E. Owen

Certificate of discharge of No 9922 Driver Owen  William Edward  R.H.&R.F.A

Specialist qualifications (military) nil

Chevrons one red four blue

1914 Star

British War Medal 1919

Victory Medal 1919        Wound stripes nil

Enlisted at Bangor !8th May 1900

He is discharged in consequence of termination of engagement

After serving twelve years 196 days with the colours and seven years 123 days in the Army Reserve

Date of Discharge 31/3/20

J.M.Smith Lt Rsn

Discharge Papers W.E. Owen

These two pages show the front and back of a card issued to William Edward Owen in May 1908 when he left the army after 8 years.

This suggests he lied about his age . If he was 26 years and 3 months old in May 1908 then his birthday would have been in February  and the year of birth 1882. In fact his date of birth was 2nd  December 1883.

He must have enlisted in May 1900 in Bangor. He has not been found on the 1901 census which took place on the night of 31st March/1st April

He had served in the R.F.A (Royal Field Artillery) as a groom.

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