Concert for Mrs F. Jackson

Today at the Y.M.C.A Hall, the Biscot boys gave another of their excellent concerts, this being for the benefit of Mrs. Jackson, mother of the late Gunner Jackson.

The Biscot boys provided much of their time to local charitable objects, and displayed considerable talent on all public appearances.

Performing were:

Mayor's Belgian Refugee Fund

ARTICLE IN LUTON NEWS FEBRUARY 1915.  The fund has been rather hard hit recently by the furnishing of houses for the wives and families of a few Belgians who have secured work in the town and district and at the present time, the committee have scope for further work if the income permitted. It is however, deplored that some places of worship are sending contributions to the central fund in London and in this way it has been pointed out they are depriving the local committee of considerable monies.

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