Battle of the Somme


Lutonians killed at opening of Battle of the Somme

"German defences penetrated for 16 miles" and "The great advance - official". These were two of the optimistic headlines with which the Saturday Telegraph of July 1st, 1916, broke the news to Luton readers that what would become known as the Battle of the Somme had begun - 141 days of unprecedented bloodshed that would cost many Lutonians their lives.

Pictured above are five Lutonians who gave their lives on the first day of the Battle of the Somme on July 1st, 1916. Left to right: Pte Frederick Armstrong, Pte Frederick Clarke, Pte Stanley Fensome, Sgt Percy Rickard, Pte Lionel Worsley.

The stories of these and other Lutonians who gave their lives in the Battle of the Somme between July and November 1916 will be added below. Simply click on a name to open a link. This is an ongoing project and further stories will appear as they become available.


JULY 1st, 1916

Pte William Frederick Armstrong

Pte Frederick Herbert Carter

L-Cpl Charley George Cox

Pte Stanley Walter Fensome

Pte William Fensome

Rifleman Henry Oliver Philip Foster

Pte Frank Gates

Pte Herbert Graves

Driver Sidney John Indge

Rifleman Arthur Thomas Mahon

Sgt Percy Edward Rickard

Pte Thomas Walter Troubridge

Pte Lionel Ralph Worsley


JULY 2nd, 1916

Sgt William Hyde


JULY 3rd, 1916

Pte Horace Bleaney

Pte Thomas George James Smith


JULY 5th, 1916

Pte Arthur Edward Gadsby


JULY 6th, 1916

L-Cpl Stanley Dean Swift


JULY 7th, 1916

Pte Percy John Clark

Pte William George Peck


JULY 10th, 1916

Pte William John Clibbon

Pte Alfred Bert Walker

Pte Charles Webb (Possibly July 9th)


JULY 11th, 1916

Pte Edwin Benjamin Eales

Pte Ernest William Thomas Groom

Pte Sydney Jesse Gurney


JULY 12th, 1916

Pte Josiah Webb


JULY 15th, 1916

Pte Walter George Bryan


JULY 16th, 1916

Pte Alfred George Brown

Pte Joseph Payne


JULY 17th, 1916

Pte Albert Ford


JULY 18th, 1916

Pte Leonard Stapleton


JULY 19th, 1916

Sec-Lieut Arthur Haworth

Cpl Frederick Smith


JULY 22nd, 1916

Pte Ernest George Foord

Pte Albert Smith


JULY 23rd, 1916

Pte Aubrey Stanbridge


JULY 24th, 1916

L-Cpl Edwin Granville Harvey


JULY 27th, 1916

Pte Percy Haydn Day

Pte Charles Gregory


JULY 30th, 1916

Pte Frederick Allen

Pte Gerald Sidney Brunton


JULY 31st, 1916

L-Cpl John Prime


AUGUST 1st, 1916

Pte Albert Rolfe


AUGUST 3rd, 1916

Pte William Bavister


AUGUST 5th, 1916

Sec-Lieut Richard Norman Butcher


AUGUST 8th, 1916

Pte Hedley Richard Farr


AUGUST 9th, 1916

Sgt William Henry Bunyan

L-Cpl Robert Stokes


AUGUST 13th, 1916

Pte Charles Henry Grace


AUGUST 18th, 1916

Sgt William Ellingham

Rifleman William Ernest Ratcliffe


AUGUST 19th, 1916

Pte Ernest Arthur Pestell


AUGUST 24th, 1916

Cpl Alfred John Axtell

Gunner Montague George Fountain


AUGUST 30th, 1916

Pte Ralph Green


SEPTEMBER 1st, 1916

Lieut Arthur Hugh Johns


SEPTEMBER 3rd, 1916

Pte Horace Fensome

Pte Lusignan Ernest Jeffery

L-Sgt Joseph Plater


SEPTEMBER 4th, 1916

Pte Samuel James Carter

2nd Lieut Richard Reeve Emmens

Pte Fred Harper

L-Cpl Ellis Henman


SEPTEMBER 5th, 1916

Pte Thomas Richard Buller

Pte Herbert Owen Sawyer

Pte Charles Wood


SEPTEMBER 9th, 1916

Pte Ernest Samuel Brandom

Pte Sidney George Peters


SEPTEMBER 10th, 1916

Pte Thomas James Swain

2nd Lieut Alexander Pigott Wernher


SEPTEMBER 11th, 1916

Pte William Dovaston


SEPTEMBER 12th, 1916

Bdr Charles William Asbury


SEPTEMBER 15th, 1916

Rifleman Arthur James Gaunt

Pte Walter Henman

Pte Edward Horsler

Sgt Arthur Huckle

Pte Christopher Perry

L-Cpl Frank Primett

Rifleman Arthur David Sharp


SEPTEMBER 16th, 1916

L-Cpl Bert Holdstock


SEPTEMBER 18th, 1916

Pte William Cooper

L-Cpl Cyril Stone Terry Short


SEPTEMBER 22nd, 1916

Pte Harold Ronald Kempson


SEPTEMBER 23rd, 1916

L-Cpl Alfred Warren


SEPTEMBER 24th, 1916

Pte William Brooks


SEPTEMBER 25th,1916

Pte Arthur Dumpleton

Pte Herbert Harold Howkins


SEPTEMBER 26th, 1916

2nd Lieut William Samuel Scruby


SEPTEMBER 27th, 1916

Pte Arthur William Fensome

CSM Arthur Fountain

Pte Ernest William Furr

Pte Percy George Lane


SEPTEMBER 28th, 1916

Cpl William John Andrews

Sec Lieut Herbert George Merchant

Pte James Hubert Mimms


SEPTEMBER 29th, 1916

L-Cpl Thomas John Heley


OCTOBER 1st, 1916

Rifleman Frederick Horace Rookwood


OCTOBER 4th, 1916

Pte Henry Cecil Pugh (Brooks)

Pte Archibald Odell (or O'Dell)


OCTOBER 12th, 1916

Pte Frank Brightman

Pte Sidney Alfred Burgess

Pte Alfred Edward De Fraine

2nd Lieut Harold George Fyson

Sgt William Ginger

Pte William Impey

Sgt Peter Pieraccini

Pte Charles Augustus Primett


OCTOBER 18th, 1916

Cpl Herbert Henry Strange


OCTOBER 21st, 1916

Rifleman Alfred John Stanley Bruton

Pte John William Martin


OCTOBER 23rd, 1916

Lieut Ernest Isaac Barrow


OCTOBER 24th, 1916

Pte Harry Waller


OCTOBER 25th, 1916

Pte Samuel Stokes


OCTOBER 26th, 1916

Pte James Thomas Canderton


OCTOBER 27th, 1916

L-Cpl Ernest Edward Fowler

Pte Bertram Hubert Spalding


OCTOBER 28th, 1916

Pte Sidney Charles Worboys


NOVEMBER 4th, 1916

Pte Percival Frank Buckingham


NOVEMBER 13th, 1916

Pte Sidney Charles Anthony

L-Cpl Thomas Frederick Brown

Gunner Horace George Dunham

Pte John Dyson

Pte Fred Allen Kilby

Pte Percy Sidney Martin

Pte George Henry Puddephatt

Sub-Lieut Eric William Squires


NOVEMBER 14th, 1916

Pte Robert Charles Morsley

Pte John Radford

Sapper Bert Tomlinson


NOVEMBER 18th, 1916

2nd Lieut Charles Frederick Burley

Sapper Clarence Sidney Ellerd How


NOVEMBER 21st, 1916

Pte Joseph Ward


NOVEMBER 24th, 1916

Pte Sidney John Vass


NOVEMBER 25th, 1916

Pte George Morgan


DECEMBER 6th, 1916

Pte Thomas Fleckney