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Drummer Richard Leonard Freeman

Drummer Richard Leonard Freeman, 9752, 1st Battalion, Beds Regt, was killed in action on October 25th, 1914. He was aged 20.

The only son of the late Sgt Richard L. Freeman, of Park Street, Luton, he lived with his sisters at 74 Cambridge Street, Luton, before he went out with his battalion at the beginning of the war.

YMCA marquee on the Moor

Keeping thousands of visiting troops entertained in their leisure time was one of the big challenges in Luton. While churches organised concerts for the troops, it was the YMCA that looked after their everyday welfare.

Luton's first YMCA marquee appeared on the Moor, off New Bedford Road, within two weeks of the declaration of war and as the North Midlands Division Territorials arrived in town.


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