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St Mary's, Luton, is an Anglican Church in the centre of the town of Luton, England. The church has a rich and long history, being over 850 years old and has been rebuilt and refurbished constantly over the centuries. The Church is one of the largest in Bedfordshire and considered a fine example of medieval architecture. The Church is part of the St Albans Diocese.

The architecture of St Mary's is varied as the church has been renovated and rebuilt many times, but the basic layout is that of a cruciform, with north/south aisles and many chapels and extensions in various directions heading off the main church. The total length of the church is 53 m (174 ft), the total width is 17 m (57 ft), and the height is 27 m (90 ft). The outside of the church is clad in a distinctive flint and stone chequer, which makes the church stand out in the town.

The graveyard in the direct vicinity of the church is no longer used, burials now take place at, the Luton Church Cemetery, on Crawley Green Road.

In 1914 the staff of the church were:

  • The Vicar, The Rev. Arthur R. Chapman M.A.
  • The Curates, Rev. G.F. Sloan B.A., and Rev. E.G. Jaquet
  • The Churchwardens, Mr Edmund Tydeman and Mr S. Green;
  • The Organist, Mr F. Gostelow, F.R.C.O.,etc;
  • The Verger, Mr W. Bird.

Sunday Services in 1914 ran 8 am, 11 am, 3pm and 6:30 pm.

In connection with the church was:

  •  A mission Hall of iron at the corner of Gloucester and Manor Roads.
  • St’ Mary’s Hall, Church Street, where week-night meetings are held.
  • Day Schools in Queen Square and Church Street.
  • A District Visiting Society
  • A trained nurse who worked amongst the poor
  • A Male Communicants Guild
  • A branch of the Girl’s Friendly Society
  • A Needlework Guild
  • A Lady-worker’s Association
  • A Working Party for the Sick Poor in the Parish
  • Working Parties in support of the Missionary cause.

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