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Letter in Luton News February 1915 from Lutonian at the front. It doesn't do to get in the dumps, as it not only makes yourself unhappy but your mates as well. The Germans have got a pleasant way of trying to spoil our food for us, for as soon as we light our fires and get our canteens on it, they start letting fly at the front of the trench and fill our canteens with clay and mud. So then we get our own back by giving them a volley to let them know we are alive.  I will close my letter with two of our choruses that we sing to the Germans to let them know we are not dead.  Chorus sung to the tune of We are all Single by the Seaside.

We are all happy in the trenches, We are all as happy as can be.

We are all sitting round the old coke fire, Some smoking fags and some the briar.

Up to our knees in mud and water, All as happy as can be.

But when I'm dressing up in my nighty and back in dear Blyty, that will be

The most happy time for me.

Next verse

Won't you come over in our trench, Won't you come over and play.

We've got some playthings - a rifle or two and we live in the trench o'er the way.

We'll give you biscuits and bully, We'll mend your clothes if they are torn.

So won't you come over in our trench and say you won't fight any more.

Pte. W. T. Burgess, 2nd Batt. Border Regiment, 7th Division. British Expeditionary Force.



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Author: Diane Cullen

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