September 17th Recruits (Mostly 5th Bedfordshire Regiment)

Current Location

United Kingdom


LN Sept 17th, 1914


5th Beds Battalion on Foreign service:

ABBOTT R., 56 Cowper Street, Luton

ALLBONE George, 331 High Town Road, Luton

ALLEN E., 76 Claremont Road, Luton

ALLEN Frederick, 26 Edward Street, Luton

ALLEN W.C., 15 Rothesay Road, Luton

ADAMS Horace R., 17 Cannon Street, St Albans

ANDREWS H., Acter, Flamstead, Dunstable

ARMITAGE A., 10 Ebenezer Street, Luton

BALL W.H., 8 Hartley Road, Luton

BARKER Arthur, 5 Buxton Road, Luton

BARKER G., 31 Chobham Street, Luton

BARRETT G., 32 South Road, Luton

BATES V.S., 45 Old Bedford Road, Luton

BATTAMS Horace, 51 Hartley Road, Luton

BLAKE Frederick, 114 Cobden Street, Luton

BENT Albert, 4 Back Street, Luton

BERRY Harry, Biscot Road, Luton

BILLINGHAM W.F., 39 Westbourne Road, Luton

BIGGS A., 21 Manor Path, Luton

BLAGG John, 13 Liverpool Road, Luton

BLAGDON J., Welcome Stranger, Luton

BONHAM Hubert, 3 Naseby Road, Luton

BONNICK W., 9 New Town Street, Luton

BOUGHTON C., 58 York Street, Luton

BOWDEN J., 83 Albert Street, Luton

BOWEN Arthur, 148 Farley Hill, Luton

BOWLES S., 56 Tavistock Street, Luton

BOWLES H., 56 Tavistock Street, Luton      

BOWLES H., 37 Hastings Street, Luton

BUNKER F.W., 28 Russell Rise, Luton

BROWN A.W., 48 Brunswick Street, Luton

BROWN E., Stopsley, near Luton

BROWN P., 27 Pondswick Road, Luton

BUNYAN Albert, 36 Burr Street, Luton

BUNYAN C., 128 Castle Street, Luton

BURGESS Arthur, 353 Hitchin Road, Luton

BURGESS H., Front Street, Slip End, nr Luton

BURGESS Walter, 19 Milton Road, Luton

BURGESS W., 11 Adelaide Street, Luton

BURGESS W., Nursery Cottages, Old Bedford Road, Luton

BURKETT H., Ramridge End, Stopsley, nr Luton

BURKETT Stanley, 353 Hitchin Road, Luton

BYSOUTH Herbert, 7 High Street, Luton

CLARE Thomas, 39 Queen Street, Luton

CLEAVER Alfred, 44 New Town Street, Luton

COLEMAN Clarence, 4 Adelaide Street, Luton

COOK Hubert, 65 Langley Street, Luton

COOPER Edwin, 100 North Street, Luton

COOPER F., Shaftesbury Avenue, London

COOTE Frederick, 54 Ivy Road, Luton

COX Sidney A., 36 Elizabeth Street, Luton

COXALL C., Stopsley, near Luton

CROFT Frederick, 2 Kimpton Road, Luton

CUMBERLAND J.W., 348 Hitchin Road, Luton

CURRANT Edward, 147 Castle Street, Luton

DAVIS Harry J., 63 Dudley Street, Luton

DAVIES John Henry, 63 Dudley Street, Luton

DAY A.J., 14 Duke Street, Luton

DAY H., Kingston Road, Luton

DAY William, 1a Langley Place, Luton

DEAN: Joseph, 24 Regent Street, Luton

DELLAR A., 121 High Town Road, Luton

DICKENS Fredk J, Kensworth

DIMMOCK A., 33 Albert Street, Luton

DRINCE Sidney: 66 Hitchin Road, Luton

DUNHAM P.G., 15 Langley Place, Luton

ELLINGHAM A.J., 39 Hibbert Street, Luton

ELLINGHAM C., 26 Queen's Place, Luton

EMERTON Horace, 9 Lea Road, Luton

EVERITT Frank S., 16 Hastings Street, Luton

FAREY Edgar, 5 Salisbury Road, Luton

FINDEN A., 54 Grove Road, Luton

FLORIN W.G., 45 Langley Street, Luton

FOSKETT H., 11 Grafton Terrace, Luton

FOWLER George, 17 Duke Street, Luton

GARRETT Walter, 82 New Town Street, Luton

GATWARD W.C., 8 Henry Street, Luton

GAZELY A., 1 Spring Place, Luton

GILDER C., 35 Moor Street, Luton

GAMS J., 40 Burr Street, Luton

GOLDSMITH Leonard, 42 Cromwell Road, Luton

GOODSHIP Frederick, Stopsley

GOODSHIP Horace, Stopsley

GOODWIN Horace, 60 Baker Street, Luton

GOULD Frederick W., 27 Stuart Street, Luton

GREY Alfred, 75 Hastings Street, Luton

GROOM A., 48 Highbury Road, Luton

HADINGUE G., Beechwood Road, Leagrave

HALFPENNY H.G., Beechwood Road, Leagrave

HARRIS George, 64 Baker Street, Luton

HART John, 2 Albert Terrace, Luton

HART J.M., 26 Whitby Road, Luton

HAWKINS Albert, 181 Hitchin Road, Luton

HAYNES Thos W., 118 Langley Street, Luton

HAYWARD George, 8 Duke Street, Luton

HIGGS Andrew J., 31 Ridgeway Road, Luton

HIGGS Arthur, 68 Duke Street, Luton

HIGGINS P, 12 Holly Street, Luton

HIGHTON Arthur, Havelock Road, Luton

HODGKIN: Cecil T., 30 Court Road, Luton

HOLDERNESS H., 23 Duke Street, Luton

HOOLCAAN M., 266 High Street, Dunstable

HORALER G., High Street, Houghton Regis

IMPEY Ernest, 80 Burr Street, Luton

JARVIS J., 44 New Town Street, Luton

JAVIS W., 27 Tavistock Street, Luton

KENNINGHAM Geo, 59 Windsor Street, Luton

KING W., 6 Tavistock Street, Luton

LAMB P., 30 Cambridge Street, Luton

LAWSON R., 15 Adelaide Street, Luton

LEADER J.T., 38 Medcalf Street, Leicester

LEWIN R., 54 Grange Road, Luton

LONG Alfred, 19 Alma Street, Luton

LONG J.S., 19 Alma Street, Luton

McGEORGE William A., 15 Cross Street, Luton

MAKIN F., 34 New Town Street, Luton

MARDLE Horace, Caddington

MARLOW Horace, 79 Burton Road, Luton

MARTIN S.H., The Firs, Dunstable Road, Leagrave

MAYNES Albert, 18 Mill Street, Luton

MEAD Arthur W., 82 Edward Street, Dunstable

MOIR Hugh, 55 Warwick Road, Luton

MORGAN H., 9 Pondswick Road, Luton

MORGAN John, 34 Burr Street, Luton

NEVILLE Charles, 95 Highbury Road, Luton

O'BRIEN T., 65 Warwick Road, Luton

OLNEY Cyril, 66 Ivy Road, Luton

PAKES A., 31 Malvern Road, Luton

PARKER A.E., 57 Wimbourne Road, Luton

PARKER E., 79 Duke Street, Luton

PARKER Harry, 119 Duke Street, Luton

PEARSON F., 5 Chase Street, Luton

PECKS Leonard, 47 Church Street, Dunstable

PETERS Frederick, Stopsley

PHILIPPS Ernest, Stopsley

PAKES Reginald, 31 Melbourne Road, Luton

PAROTT Thomas J., Stopsley

PATTEN A.W., 109 Ash Road, Luton

PERRY A., 6 Park Place, Luton

PHILPOTT C., 21 Langley Place, Luton

POULTON William, 60 Cobden Street, Luton

POWELL G., 4 Grabville Road, Luton

PRATT Claud, 21 Peach Street, Luton

PRUTTON H., 13 Bailey Street, Luton

RANDALL Charles, 105 Reginald Street, Luton

ROBERTS John, Hitchin Road, Shefford

READ Herbert, 17 Back Street, Luton

READ Thomas, 17 Hampton Road, Luton

RIMMER Frank, 153 Tennyson Road, Luton

ROBINSON S., 4 High Street, Luton

RODELL Harry, 69 Langley Street, Luton

RODELL Ralph, 69 Langley Street, Luton

ROOKWOOD A., 11 Ashton Street, Luton

SEABROOK Sidney, 7 Baker Street, Luton

SEDDON George, Stockport, Cheshire

SCALES A., Maple Road, Luton

SCOTT Harold H., 79 Cromwell Road, Luton

SHURY H.W., 43 Broad Street, Toddington

SIMKINS George, 5 Dallow Road, Luton

SIMPSON Frank, 105 Hitchin Road, Luton

SKINNER H., 12 Holly Walk, Luton

SLOUGH H., 42 Chase Street, Luton

SMITH A, Stopsley, near Luton

SMITH Alfred, 6 Adelaide Terrace, Luton

SMITH Frederick W., 28 Midland Road, Luton

SMITH P., Stopsley, near Luton

SMITH Sidney, 70 Wenlock Street, Luton

SPENCER Samuel, 86 Maple Road, Luton

STONNELL J., 73 Park Road West, Luton

TAYLOR Gilbert G., 22 Milton Road, Luton

TIPLADY Sidney, 17 Hibbert Street, Luton

THURLOW A.R., 216 Wellington Street, Luton

TOTTENHAM Frederick, 15 Duke Street, Luton

TUFFNELL G., 44 Boyle Street, Luton

TURNER Reginald J., 61 Langley Street, Luton

USHER William George, 33 Burr Street, Luton

VIGOR W., 18 Bridge Street, Leighton Buzzard

WALKER H., 24 St Ann's Road, Luton

WARD Arthur, 6 Gaitskill Row, Luton

WARD J., Icknield Road, Limbury, near Luton

WARD L.W., 94 Dallow Road, Luton

WARING S., 41 Inkerman Street, Luton

WEBB F., 19 Adelaide Street, Luton

WELLS N., 97 Ashton Road, Luton

WHITTEMORE Lee, 42 Kings Road, Luton

WILDMAN Ivan, 124 Ridgway Road, Luton

WILES Bert, 45 Cobden Street, Luton

WILSON James, 75 Cromwell Road, Luton

WOODLEY Stanley G., 35 Duke Street, Luton

WORBOYS Alfred, 40 Clifton Road, Luton

YOUNG A., 122 New Town Street, Luton



5th (Reserve) Battalion beds Regiment


Foreign service

BACCHUS G.J., 3 Burr Street, Luton

BALL W.H., 8 Hartley Road, Luton

BARTON A., 11 Chase Street, Luton

BRANDON F.G., 15 Duke Street, Luton

BRINKLOW J., 9 East Avenue, Luton

BUSHBY W.G., 17 Essex Street, Luton

BUCKINGHAM W., 106 Ash Road, Luton

BILLINGTON H., 80 Bury Park Road, Luton

BIGGS G., 3 Lea Road, Luton

COSBY A., 21 Elizabeth Street, Luton

CLAND J., 2a Soulbury Road, Linslade

CLEAVER F.W., 49 May Street, Luton

DAY A.W., Red Lion Cottages, Woodside

DEAN J., 49 Naseby Road, Luton

EYRE O.E., 28 Kings Road, Luton

FENSOME J., 17 Chequer Street, Luton

GOODWIN S., 5 Belmont Road, Luton

HOWELL A., 3 Spring Place, Luton

IMPEY C., 80 Burr Street, Luton

KING F., 15 Crawley Road, Luton

LAKE T.H., 4 Maple Road, Luton

LORNE H.W., Chaul End Farm, Luton

MORGAN H., 26 New Town Street, Luton

NASH G., 32 Hastings Street, Luton

O'NEILL E., Oak Road, Leagrave

PAKES H., 6 Midland Road, Leagrave

PLATT P., 21 New Road, Linslade

QUINCE C.W., 82 Inkerman Street, Luton

REID J.H., 1 Gladstone Avenue, Luton

RUTTER L., Church Street, Slip End

TEARLE T., 4 Downs Road, Dunstable

TITMUS A., Church Street, Slip End

TOMKINS W., 76 Ash Road, Luton

TOTTINGHAM W., 45 Duke Street, Luton

TOYER W., Summer Street, Slip End

WESLEY J., 40 Windsor Street, Luton


Home defence

ADAMS G.R., 3 Duke Street, Luton

BARKER S., 52 May Street, Luton

BARTON J.W., 80 Cambridge Street, Luton

BAXTER C., 7 Villa Road, Luton

BAXTER V.F., 7 Villa Road, Luton

BRANDON W.,15 Duke Street, Luton

BIRCHMORE P., 62 Maple Road, Luton

BIRD L., 21 Hartley Road, Luton

BIGG N.A., 2 Dumfries Street, Luton

BROWN A.R.,11 Stuart Street, Luton

BUNYAN F., Summer Street, Slip End

CATLING C., 24a Queen Street, Luton

CLARK V., Church End, Flamstead, Dunstable

CLAY H., 6 Alma Street, Luton

CONQUEST R., 72 Reginald Street, Luton

COOPER W., 352 Round Green, Luton

COGANS E., 16 Dorset Street, Luton

COX R.H., 53 Duke Street, Luton

CUSTANCE F., 15 Kings Road, Luton

DOWNES C., 219 Dunstable Road, Luton

DAY A., Park Road, Stopsley

DAY E., 361 Round Green, Luton

DAVIS R.C., 64 Hampton Road, Luton

DEACON A., 9 Victoria Street, Luton

DEVEY H, 89 Boyle Street, Luton

DILLINGHAM W., 79 Chase Street, Luton

DUNCOMBE P., 11 Brook Street, Luton

DYER J, White House, Pepperstock

DYER S., 149 Wellington Street, Luton

EDWARDS A., 61 Brunswick Street, Luton

ELLIS F., 38 Spencer Road, Luton

FELKS S., 39 Collingdon Street, Luton

FENSOME T., 191 Park Street, Luton

FENSOME W.G., 21 Brunswick Street, Luton

FIELD W., 120 New Town Street, Luton

FOLKS E., 84 Albert Road, Luton

FRENCH G., 134 Baker Street, Luton

FULLER J.W., 115 Russell Street, Luton

FUSSELL F., 51 Adelaide Street, Luton

GARNER G, 30 Church Street, Slip End

GATHERCOLE H., 41 Saxon Road, Luton

GODDARD T., 32 Kings Road, Luton

GOING E.H., 18 Inkerman Street, Luton

GRAY G., 55 Ivy Road, Luton

GRAY L., 55 Ivy Road, Luton

HART G., 2 Albert Terrace, Luton

HAMMETT J., 45a Windsor Street. Luton

HARRIS S., 43 Claremont Road, Luton

HARRIS H., 19 Fiddles Hill, Kinsbourne Green

HIGGS A.A., 68 Duke Street, Luton

HOBBS W., Summer Street, Slip End

HORN A., 6 White Lion Street, Hemel Hempstead

HORSLER P.G., Hockliffe, Beds

HUDSON H., Mansfield Road, Luton

HUTCHINGS G, c/o Mrs Cooke, Burr Street, Luton

HUTCHINGS S.J., 19 Alfred Street, Dunstable

HYDE E., 68 Saxon Road, Luton

JACKSON A., 2 Dallow Road, Luton

KENDALL P., 73 Dudley Street, Luton

KIFF C.A., 27 Naseby Road, Luton

KIGHTLY G., 28 York Street, Luton

KING H.J., 127 Park Street, Luton

KING W., 24 Ebenezer Street, Luton

KIRBY B., 76 Burr Street, Luton

LANCASTER A., 11 Francis Street, Luton

LIGHTOULER  W., 7 Back Street, Luton

LLOYD  A., 40 Milton Road, Luton

LOOSELEY  A., 186 Leagrave Road, Luton

MARLOW J., 30 Spring Place, Luton

MILLER J., 131 Dallow Road, Luton

MINNEY W., 65 Cowper Street, Luton

NEWINS R., 2 Spring Place, Luton

NEWMAN W., 40 Bolton Road, Luton

NICHOLSON A.E., 38 Milton Road, Luton

OLNEY S., 32 Hibbert Street, Luton

OSBORNE T., Stockingstone Lane, Round Green

PAKES C., 1 Oak Road, Luton

PARSONS A., 3 Icknield Road, Leagrave

PAYNE A., 173 High Town Road, Luton

PEACH W., Sharpenhoe, near Dunstable

PEARMAN D., 78 Chapel Street, Luton

PECK A.J., 44 Brunswick Street, Luton

PERRY T.R., Stopsley

PETERS S., 74 Old Bedford Road, Luton

PITLIN A.C., Primrose Cottage, Limbury

POLLARD A., 127 North Street, Luton

POTTER W.H., 20 Regent Street, Luton

PUGH B., 116 New Street, Luton

REEVE J., 52 Langley Street, Luton

RADFORD J., 9 Windsor Street, Luton

RODELL H., 69 Langley Street, Luton

ROLT E., Front Street, Slip End

SANDERS R., 4 Hartley Road, Luton

SEWELL F., 13 Inkerman Street, Luton

SMITH A., 11 North Street, Luton

SMITH G., 84 Hitchin Road, Luton

SMITH F.E., 95 High Street, Houghton Regis

SMITH H.E., 168 Leagrave Road, Luton

SMITH O.R., 27 Buxton Road, Luton

SMITH W., 4 Henry Street, Hemel Hempstead

SPALDING B., 204 Hitchin Road, Luton

STEVENS B., 1 New Street, Luton

STRINGER T., 19 Winsdon Road, Luton

STURMANS T., Front Road, New Town Street, Luton

SUMMERLIN C., 12 Dunstable Place, Luton

SWANNELL L., 103 High Town Road, Luton

TOMKINS A., 66 Talbot Road, Luton

TURNER S., 51 Park Road West, Luton

UNDERWOOD E., 21 Wood Street, Luton

WALKER R.W., 30 Brantwood Road, Luton

WARD S., 51 Frederick Street, Luton

WARD W.R., 10 Moreton Road, Luton

WEBB F., Marson Place, Stopsley

WEBB S.W., 1 Saunders Yard, Lilley

WESLEY J., 40 Windsor Street, Luton

WEST Joseph, 111 Guildford Street, Luton

WILKINSON H., 35 Butlin Road, Luton

WILLIAMSON H., 5 St Anns Grove, Luton

WOODCROFT F., 105 High Town Road, Luton

WOODS H., Ramridge End, Stopsley

YOUNG W.F., 3 Ash Road, Luton     

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