Evils Resulting from the Action of Civilians - Luton News Article February 1915

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In dealing with a case at the Middlesex Sessions on Saturday, Mr Herbert Nield, M P indicated that during this week Parliament would probably take important action with regard to the treating of intoxicating drinks to soldiers by civilians.

A man named William Webster, aged 24, was charged with damaging a window, valued at £20, the property of Leonard Hockly of Finchley.. It was stated that the prisoner was in the Bedfordshire Regiment stationed at Mill Hill Barracks. After taking drink he became violent and his peculiarity was to smash windows. In Octobder last when the regiment was at Felixstowe, the accused was  twice punished for window breaking. Accused said his behaviour was due to drink that had been given to him by ciivinlans.  Mr Nield said that was apparently the cause of the trouble. Prisoner was sent to six months hard labour.

Author: Diane Cullen

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