D Battery War Diary November 1917

Current Location

United Kingdom










Commanding Officer: Capt. J. NORTHOVER


Nov  1

10 Horses to Swaythling


21 details to B.E.F.


Nov  2

Lieut. A.S. WILKINSON to M.M.


Nov 6

90 Drivers to R.G.A., B.E.F.


15 Gunners to B.E.F.


15 Aiv. Drivers to R.G.A. Winchester


20 Horses to Swaythling


Emergency Battery Parade


Nov 9

2nd Lieut. N.R.D. Crookes to B.E.F.


15 Recruits received


Nov 10

15 Gunners to B.E.F.


5 Mules to Remounts Luton


Nov 12

Lieut. W.H.C. BAKER to 402 H.S. Emplomt. Co.,


 34 Command Depot details to Ripon


Nov 13

34 details to Command Depot Ripon


2nd Lieut  J.L. JOHNSTON  joined for duty

                F.W. HUDD

                L.C. HOPKINS

“              J.P. LOCK                           “


Nov 14

T.M.B. visited Camp


15 Recruits from Woolwich


2 Bombrs to B.E.F.


Nov 15

10 N.C.O’s to Aylsham

12 Mules to Swaythling

Nov 16

2nd Lieut. D. McPHAIL to B.E.F.

“               S.R. LLOYD            “


5 Horses to Swaythling


Nov 20

2nd Lieut. G.G. RICHMOND joined for duty

                  J.A. NASH

                  J.H. OWEN

                  E. PORTER

  “              J.T. SMITH                    “


Nov 21

25 details to B.E.F.


Nov 23

2ND Lieut. G.W. T. MORGAN joined for duty

                  F.A. MARGRY                “

                  A. PEMBROKE

“                J.C. POPE                        “


100 DETAILS FROM 1206TH Battery R.F.A.


Nov 25

2nd Lieut. GRANTHAM to India


Nov 26

41 details from Woodbridge


12 Aiv details to 64th (may be 63) Div Arty


1 N.C.O to Norwich


Nov 27

10 Mules to Swaythling


Nov 28

23 Details to B.E.F.


Nov 29

15 Recruits from Woolwich


Nov 30

Lieut. P.H. DODGSON to B.E.F.


2nd Lieut. H. COTTERELL to B.E.F.

“               H.M. FISHER            “




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