Christ Church

Current Location

40 Upper George Street
United Kingdom


The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes Christ Church:

Christ Church was erected in 1858, and since then it has been considerably altered greatly adding to the comfort of the congregation. It has accommodation for 850 worshippers.


  • Vicar and rural dean. Rev Charles Morgan Smith B.A. B.D.,
  • Assistant clergy. Rev. Horace J. Stares. and Rev. E.C. Whitworth.
  • Churchwardens, Messers W.R. Phillips and John Gates
  • Organist, Mr. Stanley Bennett, A.R.C.O.
  • Nurse. Miss. Griffiths. 48 Grove Road




  • Parish Room; Inkerman Street.
  • Day Schools, Buxton Road.


Other Sites


  • St. Andrews, Crawley Road.
    • Wardens, Messers C. Robinson and Percy Bass.
  • All Saints Beech Hill.
    • Wardens, Messrs R.H. Marks and C. Barker.
  • St Peters Church Dallow Road.

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