Certificate of Discharge W.E. Owen

Current Location

United Kingdom


Certificate of discharge of No 9922 Driver Owen  William Edward  R.H.&R.F.A

Specialist qualifications (military) nil

Chevrons one red four blue

1914 Star

British War Medal 1919

Victory Medal 1919        Wound stripes nil

Enlisted at Bangor !8th May 1900

He is discharged in consequence of termination of engagement

After serving twelve years 196 days with the colours and seven years 123 days in the Army Reserve

Date of Discharge 31/3/20

J.M.Smith Lt Rsn

For Officer i/c R.H.&R.F.A Records Woolwich

Description of above named soldier when he left the Colours

Year of birth 1884

Height 5’ 41/2 inches

Complexion fresh

Eyes blue

Hair Light Brown

Marks or scars Scar right eyebrow

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