C Battery War Diary September 1916

Current Location

Wardown Park Museum
Old Bedford Road
United Kingdom


Summary of events









Commanding Officer: Major FITCH, V.F.


Sep 1

Major FITCH, V.F. assumed Command, Vice Capt., BARKER


Sep 2

2 Cpls & 2 Ftrs. Proceeded Overseas on 2.9.1916


Sep 3

3 Corporals               Taken on strength on being transferred from 7th

1 Bombardier            Provisional Ammunition Column

1 Shoeing-Smith

3 Drivers

2 Gunners                                                              “


Sep 4

31 Drivers taken on strength from old “B” Battery


Sep 5

 1 B. Q.M.S                         Taken on strength from old “B” Battery

 6 Sergeants

 2 Corporals

 7 Bombardiers

 1 Saddler

 1 Shoeing-Smith

 1 Wheeler

71 Gunners

23 Drivers                                                        “                                                          


40 Drivers posted to No. 4a Res. Bde. R.F.A. Woolwich


Sep  6

5 Riding & 11 Light Draught horses transferred from old “B” Battery


2nd Lt. PEARCE, W.C. 5th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. posted to “C” Battery from sick leave


Sep 8

Lieut. RYDER, A.F. proceeded Overseas


 1 Corporal       Having been transferred from 303rd Lon. Bde. R.F.A. are taken

17 Gunners       on strength 6.9.1916

 9 Drivers                                                         “


Sep 9

2nd Lt. CORSAN, L                 Attached for duty

“           HURST, E.S.

“           HURST, N.V.

“           GOODALL                               “


Sep 14

Draft of 25 Gunners proceeded Overseas 14.9.1916

Conducting Officer: Lt. BAKER


Draft of 29 Details posted to No. 7 Res. How. Bde., Winchester

Sep 14

20 Gunners posted from Provisional Depot are taken on strength


Sep 19

34 Drivers posted to No. 4a Res. Bde. R.F.A., Woolwich


Sep 20

37 L.D. horses transferred to Remount Depot, Swaythling


 1 R.S.M                      Proceeded Overseas on 20.9.1916

 1 B.S.M

 2 Sergeants

 6 Bombardiers

60 Gunners                                                 “


Sep 21

Capt. BERTIE, C.P., 3/6th Lon. Bde. Transferred to Royal Flying Corps


Sep 22

33 L.D. horses posted to this Battery from Remount Depot, Ormskirk


1 Tptr. Sgt       Transferred from Lon. Divn. Arty. details and taken on strength

2 Tptrs

3 Gunners

5 Drivers                                                          “


Sep 26

26 L.D. horses posted to this Battery from Remount depot, Avonmouth.


2nd Lt. COLE, A.M., 3/6th Lon. Bde. Proceeded overseas


Sep 28

2nd Lt. BEADELL, C.F.         3/5TH Lon. Bde., R.F.A. posted to this Battery on first

“           PEACOP, R.            Appointment


2nd Lt. MIDDLETON, T.P., 3/6th Lon. Bde. R.F.A transferred to Royal Flying Corps



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