C Battery War Diary May 1917

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Wardown Park Museum
Old Bedford Road
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MAY 1917




Commanding Officer: Captain SHUTER, A.E.

May 1

1 Driver returned from B.E.F and taken on strength


2nd Lt., PEARSON, R.H.       Proceeded overseas

“           SAMSON, I.A.C                     “

“           KENT, H                                  “

“           MORRIS, H.S.                         “


2nd Lt. GRIFFITH, C.B.  posted to this Battery


17 L.D. Horses transferred to Swaythling


May 2

1 Driver returned from B.E.F. and taken on strength

Inspection of Brigade by Field-Marshal LORD FRENCH and Commander in Chief, Eastern Command


May 3

1 Bombardier posted to Provisional Depot.


May 4

1 Bombardier returned from B.E.F and taken on strength


2nd Lt. MASSON, I.A., 3/6th Lon. Bde. Transferred to Anti-Aircraft Corps, Abbey Wood


May 5

No. 1751 Gnr. MAYES, R.S.    Appointed to Commissioned Rank and struck

No.   500 Sgt. WHITING          off strength


1 Corporal                                 Posted to this Battery from Commond Depot, Ripon

1 Bombardier                                                                     “

1 Gunner                                                                             “


Major VICKERS, S.                     Proceeded to Shoeburyness for Gunnery Course

Capt. HEPWORTH, G.H                                                       “


Football Match: Brigade – v- 17th Training Reserve Battalion at Luton                                                      


May 8

2nd Lt. SHARPLING, F.W.G., 3/5th Lon. Bde. R.F.A proceeded overseas


May 11

10 Mules                posted to this Battery from Ormskirk

14 L.D. Horses                                     “


Lt. RADFORD, R., A.S.C., posted to this Battery


14 Mules transferred to Swaythling


Lt. MOORE, J.D.        Attached for duty

2nd Lt. EMBRY, B.                      “



May 15

7 Gunners transferred to 394th Battery, Woodbridge


8 Drivers transferred to 393rd Battery, Canterbury


2 Mules transferred to Swaythling


May 16

 1 Sergeant            Proceeded overseas

 1 Bombardier                       “

14 Drivers                               “

Conducting Officer: 2nd Lieut. FRITH.


1 Gunner returned from B.E.F: taken on strength


1 Driver re-enlisted


Lieut. Col. MACHUGH, R.J Posted to “C” Battery


2nd Lieut. TAYLOR, E.T. proceeded overseas


May 17

2nd Lieut. MILLER, L.C.     Attached for Duty

“               GASSON, N.                     “


May 18

 1 Corporal          Posted to this Battery from A.V.C

 6 Gunners                                        “

15 Drivers                                          “


May 19

5 Mules transferred to Stanstead


 1 Gunner         Posted to this Battery from Provisional Depot

19 Drivers                                            “


May 21

Capt. CLARKE, F.J. attached to Provisional Depot


2nd Lieut. RALLI, E.L. attached for duty to Battery


1 Gunner posted from Command Depot, Ripon


1 Bombardier posted from Provisional Depot


May 22

2nd Lieut. JESSOP, H.H. (S.R)         Proceeded overseas

“               MAYNE, G.W (S.R)                        “

“                EMBRY, B. (S.R)                            “

Lieut.        CUTHBERT, W.T (3/5th)               “


May 23

20 L.D Mules transferred to Swaythling

10 L.D. Horses                    “


May 24

1 Sergeant            Posted to O.T.C.’s

1 Corporal                           “

3 Bombardiers                    “

8 Gunners                            “


May 25

1 Driver returned from B.E.F and taken on strength


 4 Sergeants               Proceeded overseas

 2 Corporals                                  “

 2 Bombardiers                             “

35 Gunners                                   “

24 Drivers                                      “

Conducting Officers: Lt. BAKER and 2nd Lt. ADAMS.


May 26

2nd Lieut. GORDON, A.        Attached for duty

“                CARR, W.H.C                “


May 27

20 L.D. Horses posted from Ormskirk


May 28

1 Driver discharged unfit


May 29

1 Sergeant returned from B.E.F and taken on strength


May 30

2nd Lieut. KNELLER, E.J., 3/6th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. posted to this Battery on first appointment


 1 Sergeant                  Proceeded overseas

 2 Bombardiers                              “

17 Gunners                                     “

Conducting Officer: 2nd Lieut. DERRETT


10 L.D. Mules transferred to Swaythling

   2 L.D Horses                            “

Inspection of Summer Camp: Good Report


May 31

Lt. HARDING, k., 8TH Lon. How Bde. Posted to this Battery


2nd Lieut. James, F.P., 3/5 th Lon. Bde. Posted to this Battery


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