C Battery War Diary January 1917

Current Location

Wardown Park Museum
Old Bedford Road
United Kingdom


Summary of Events









Commanding Officer: Major FITCH, V.F.




Jan 1

General Half-holiday


Jan 2

1 Bombardier      Transferred to 64th Divn. Arty. Norwich

4 Gunners

9 Drivers                                                    “

Conducting Officer: 2nd Lt. ALEXANDER, G.W.


Jan 3

Harness Cleaning Competition


4 L.D. horses transferred to Remount Depot, Northampton


Jan 5

3 Sergeants and 1 Corporal transferred to 394th Brigade, R.F.A., Woodbridge


4 L.D. horses posted to this Battery from Shirehampton


2nd Lt. RAMSAY, H.V. 3/6th Lon. Bde. Proceeded Overseas  3.1.1917


Court of Enquiry at Biscot Camp, Luton on

No. 2487 Gnr KYTE

No. 3026 Dvr. PECK

No. 2343 Dvr. FULLER


5 L.D. horses transferred to 4th Canadian Div. Arty.,  Milford


2nd Lt. HOWELL,  3/5th Lon. Bde. Taken on strength


Jan 6

4 Gunners and 2 Drivers transferred to 291st. Bde. R.F.A., Heytesbury


Jan 7

2nd Lt. WADDINGTON          Attached for Duty

“          PORTER

“          BOULLY                                             “


Jan 8

4 Gunners and 2 Drivers returned from the 291st Bde. R.F.A., Heytesbury


Jan 10

Lt. STAPLEY, 5th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. taken on strength from 8.1.1917


Jan 11

2nd Lt. HARPER, F.S., 3/6th                                         

“          PEACOP, R., 3/5th

“          THOMPSON, R.H. 3/5th       Proceeded Overseas


Jan 13

2nd Lt. HERBERT, R.Y., 3/5th., attached for duty


Jan 14

7 L.D. horses transferred to 4th Canadian Div. Arty., Milford


7 L.D. horses posted to this Battery from Ormskirk


No.       326 Sgt. SHARPLING, F.W.                    Posted O.T.C. Exeter

No.     2575 Cpl. GROVES, A.S.

No.     2877 Gnr. BUCK, S.A.

No. 149972 Gnr. BLUNDELL

No. 150028 Gnr. CALVERT                                                 “


No.         845 A/Br. BALL, G.W.                            Posted O.T.C. St. John’s Wood                          

No.      1751 Gnr. MAYES, R.A.

No.        500 Sgt. WHITING, F.C.

No. 135918 Gnr. RABAN, W.T.                                         “


Jan 16

 1 Bombardier       Transferred to B1 Recruits Depot

 7 Gunners                                      “


 1 Sergeant             Posted to Category “C” Depot

 1 Bombardier

10 Gunners

 2 Drivers                                         “


Jan 17

Lt. STAPLEY                           Attached for Duty

2nd Lt. HERBERT, R.Y.

“          WATSON                                       “


Jan 18

Lt. MOORE, L.W.B. 3/6th Lon. Bde. R.F.A. is taken on strength of Brigade from Territorial Force Reserve


 1 corporal           Proceeded Overseas (Salonica)

 2 Fitters

16 Gunners

1 Cpl. Fitter

 2 Wheelers                                        “

Conducting Officer: Lt. GRANTLEY SMITH


Jan 19

2nd Lt. WADDINGTON, D.K. 3/5th       

“           BEADELL, C.E. 3/5th

“           HAZELRIGGE 3/5TH                 Proceeded Overseas


2nd Lt. BALLARD appointed Asst. Gnry. Instr. A Bty


43 Gunners and 7 Drivers proceeded Overseas

Conducting Officers: Lt. BAKER and Lt. WAYLEN


 1 Farrier-Sergeant          Posted to this Battery from No. 7 Depot R.F.A. Frome

2 Sergeants

 4 Corporals

12 Bombardiers

 1 Saddler                                                                 “

Jan 19 (Cont)

 1 Shoeing-Smith & 1 Ftr      Posted to this Battery from No. 7 Depot, R.F.A. Frome    

 32 Gunners

70 Drivers                                                                    “


Jan 20

The G.O.C., Eastern Command, inspected the Brigade


Jan 21

No. 2487 Grn. KYTE      Tried by D.C.M., Biscot Camp, Luton

No. 3026 Dvr. PECK                                    “


Jan 24

No. 166706 Gnr. SIMMONDS struck off strength as Deserter


Jan 26

40 L.D. horses posted to this Battery from Ormaskirk


Jan 27

2 Drivers and 2 gunners posted to this Battery from No. 9 Command Depot, Ripon


Jan 30

9 L.D. horses transferred to Remount Depot,  Swaythling



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