High Town

Private George Andrew Steele

George Andrew Steel was the Son of George Andrew and Mary Elizabeth Steele, and younger brother of Annie E Steele. The family lived at 15, Hearne Rd., Chiswick.

He joined the army in 1917, and served in the 6th  Reserve Brigade, 25th Batallion. (Up to the end of 1916, this was known as the 10th (Reserve) Batallion, the Norfolk Regiment), based at Parkeston near Harwich.

For an unknown reason, he was transferred to Wardown Park V.A.D. Hospital, where he tragically died in November 1917.

Sergeant William Whittaker

William Whittaker was the eldest son of George and Fanny Whittaker. He was brother to Joesph, Polly, Sarah, James, Herbert and Samuel Whittaker; and half brother to Richard Leech.

William was from Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, and served in the Army Veterinary Corps at the North Midland Veterinary Hospital. Luton.

Private Edward James Clarke

Private Edward James Clarke was the eldest son of Charles and Emma Clarke of The Bull public house at Offley. He had two younger daughters and three younger brothers, all of whom worked in and around the public house, and assisted with baking and selling bread as well as the other jobs associated with brewing and serving ale.

Corporal Sidney Albert Dillingham

Sidney Albert Dillingham was my Grandfather.  He was born in 1885 in Luton to Albert and Mary Dillingham, who went on to have eight other children.  In 1910 Sidney married Annie Fossey Butler and they had three daughters, Violet, Beatrice and Dorothy.  In 1916 Sidney joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and served most of the War at the Royal Victoria Hospital (Netley Hospital).  He left the Services in 1921.

1917 Regimental Sports Day, Wardown Park


Regimental Sports.

Truly it was a gala day for Biscot on Saturday, a red letter day in the career of the R.F.A. men, for it was the occasion of their regimental sports. The Wardown cricket ground presented an animated and picturesque scene with its crowds of spectators. The brilliant sunshine aiding the effect of the varied colours of the summer dresses worn by the ladies and the khaki uniform, of the men.

Wardown V.A.D Hospital First Annual General Meeting

WARDOWN V.A.D. HOSPITAL. (Voluntary Aid Detachment)

First Annual General Meeting. Splendid Organisation.

The first annual general meeting of the Wardown V.A.D. Hospital was held at Wardown on Wednesday week, the following members of the various committees being present:

Mr. Anthony Cumberland (Chairman of the General Committee)

House Committee.


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