Signaller Lloyd Shuttle

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Place of Birth

United Kingdom

World War I Address

52 Russell Rise
United Kingdom

Place of Death

United Kingdom

Grave Location

United Kingdom

Luton ward

Soldier or Civilian

  • Soldier

From the Luton News 15th February 1917. MILITARY RED TAPE  Escort for Man who is Awaiting his Discharge.  In hospital uniform, Signaller Lloyd Shuttle, of the Signal Service (T.F.) was charged with being an absentee from the War Hospital, Epsom.   Shuttle is a Lutonian.   P.C.Shaw said he found prisoner at 52, Russell Rise, after the receipt of a  notification from the military authorities.  Shuttle asked permission to make a statement.  He said he had been an inmate of a hospital since the beginning of December, having undergone an operation for the purpose of going on active service.  He had been confined to a room from then until February, since when he had been allowed out from 2.30 to 7.30.  "I couldn't stand it any longer and so I came home," continued Shuttle.  "I enlisted voluntarily in March 1915 and this is the first time I have had anything against me.  I am the son of a Congregational Minister and I feel my position very keenly, especially being put in the cell for the night.  My heart is affected through the operation and I am only waiting for my discharge."  The Clerk (Mr W Austin): The Bench feel very sorry for you.  The Mayor suggested that the prisoner might return without an escort and Shuttle said he offered to return yesterday afternoon.  Acting Chief Constable Hagley said that the escort had already been sent and the Mayor expressed himself very strongly on the expense.  "Rot" was his abrupt comment.  "I suppose there will be three men come for him.   It's absurd."  "Of course you broke the regulations" said the Mayor to the absentee and you will be remanded for escort.  "Let him go and sit by the fire" said the Mayor to the Acting Chief Constable."

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Author: Diane Cullen

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