Private Henry Jasper Broome

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16 May 1898

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United Kingdom

World War I Address

9 Bailey Street
United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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  • Soldier


The Luton News , 24th January 1918
Pte Henry Jasper Broome (PoW)

Pte Henry Jasper Broome, 73133, 16th Battalion Middlesex Regiment, was taken prisoner by the Germans at Cambrai on November 30th, 1917.

In a letter dated December 9th, 1917, to his sister Margaret [married name of Davis], at 9 Bailey Street, Luton, the former Luton Corporation Tramways employee wrote: "There is no need to worry about me, as I am quite safe and looked after well. I am not alone by many hundreds. Do not send me any parcels as I have already received one, and we often get one from the Red Cross...

"I was not with the battalion when I was captured, but with the Royal Engineers on fatigue. We are all together in one camp for a month's rest, and we do not do any work, but just look after our own huts and cots. We do have a good night's rest in comfort and peace - no 'whiz-bangs' and 'coat boxes' flying about and knocking pieces out of us.

"Well, sister, it is worth pounds to be in a clean, warm bed and not in danger, but being away from home and everybody we know well, there is it. Let us hope the war will soon be over."

Having fought at Ypres, Henry Broome survived the war. He was held captive until November 1918, repatriated and demobbed in April 1919. He had joined the Army in May 1916.

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Pte Henry Jasper Broome (PoW)

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