Private E Harman

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Date of Death

28 Mar 1920

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Place of Birth

United Kingdom

World War I Address

United Kingdom

Place of Death

United Kingdom

Grave Location

Plot Y.M.20
Crawley Green Road
United Kingdom

Soldier or Civilian

  • Soldier

E Harman served in the Dispersal Centre in Purfleet in the Royal Air Force.

He survived the war but died on 28th March 1920.

He is buried in the cemetery on Crawley Green Road.



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Private E Harman 263579

Edmund Harman was my Great Grandfather. He was born in Hastings in 1873 and died in Luton in 1920 at the age of 46. He died of double pneumonia, having contracted influenza. He married Annie Margaret Green in 1900 and had seven children with her. By profession he was an engraver / watch-maker and later in life, as a result of failing eyesight, he became an upholsterer.