Mrs Nora Kathleen Durler

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29 Aug 1886

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United Kingdom

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130 Castle Street
United Kingdom

Place of Death

United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

Luton ward

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  • Civilian

Source , 21st January 2015
Nora K. Durler

From 09/1914 to 25/03/1919, Nora Durler (nee Cumberland) was the Joint Commandant of Wardown VAD Hospital Luton, responsible for its management and supervising its administration. The other Commandant was her auntie, Mrs Green.

She was a member of an old distinguised Luton family, the Cumberlands, and married into the Durlers who were a family of Swiss plait merchants who emmigrated to Luton to be close to the pulse of the hat trade.

The 1911 Census shows she was married to Robert Durler, a plait merchant, and had a daughter, Pauline, born in 1910.

They lived in Whitehill Mansion (still survives in 2015) and employed a servant Ruth Deamer, and a nursemaid Louisa Sloman. Whitehill was designed and built by the same architect as Wardown House.



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Nora K. Durler

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