Mr Ronert Hawkes

Rank or Title

Place of Birth

United Kingdom

World War I Address

United Kingdom

Place of Death

United Kingdom

Grave Location

United Kingdom

Soldier or Civilian

  • Civilian

Ronert  M. Hawkes (35), married, B1, captain of the Luton Town Football Club, Lyndhurst Road, Luton, carrying out business as a straw hat manufacturer at Stanley Road, Luton, appeared before Luton Tribunal on Wednesday, and said he had only one blocker, who was over 60, and he personally did the stiffening, the stiffener having gone into Army - "Don't you think it is time you went and did abit at the front, Mr. Hawkes" said Lieut. Gardner.- "Well to be perfectly candid, I don't think I should," was the reply.  "I don't see how my people can manage if I go," -  "You have had a lot of training," said Lieut. Gardner.  "You know you are half a soldier already - more than half." - "I am prepared to stick to that part of the business (Volunteers) in case of an invasion," was the reply, - Lieut.

Gardner: "A good many would like to have the lesser sacrifice if they were allowed to remain." -  The Town Clerk: "Well the Appeals Tribunal let a single man remain," - Lieut. Gardner: "There are circumstances and circumstances."  the TownClerk: "Yes, when a man has a wife and two children that's different from a single man."  -  Conditional exemption confirmed.

Author: David Watson

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