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The Luton News , 5th April 1917
Chief Constable Charles Griffin


Charles Griffin, previously head of police at Clitheroe, Lancashire, was appointed Luton's new Chief Constable on April 3rd, 1917, by the unanimous decision of the Town Council. His new job followed the death of previous Luton police chief David Teale on December 13th, 1916. Mr Griffin took up his duties officially on May 8th.

The new police chief was 34 years old and married but with no children. He had 11 years and 29 days approved service in the police, but had 13½ years of practical experience of police duties.

Educated at Maesteg Pupil Teachers Centre and Skerry's College, Cardiff, he had been a schoolmaster under the Maesteg Education Authority before joining the Glamorgan County Police in June 1903.

He served for 2½ years as a street constable stationed in the Rhondda Valley, "the roughest and most thickly populated part of the county, a district notorious for its violence and frequency of labour disputes".

In February 1906 he was appointed Clerk in the Grimsby Borough Force, and during the 8½ years he served there received continuous promotion. He was made a sergeant after six years and 180 days service, and promoted to Inspector 120 days later. From January 1910 until July 1912 he had served as a detective officer, and for over five years was also Secretary of Grimsby Fire Brigade..

After a year and 273 days as an Inspector at Grimsby he was appointed Chief Constable of Clitheroe on July 8th, 1914.

Charles Griffins was appointed from a shortlist of five of the original 53 applicants for the Luton job. He stayed here only three years, resigning on May 31st, 1920, to become Chief Constable of Brighton.


Chief Constable Charles Griffin

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