Lance Corporal Charles James Whittington

Rank or Title

Date of Birth


Date of Death

24 May 1918

War time / or Pre War occupation



Marshall, Brookes & Chalkley, Frederic Street

Service Number


Place of Birth

United Kingdom

World War I Address

85 Ash Road
United Kingdom

Place of Death

Royal Fortress Hospital

Grave Location

Cologne Southern Cemetery

War Memorial Location

Soldier or Civilian

  • Soldier


The Luton News , 6th June 1918
L-Cpl Charles James Whittington

L-Cpl Charles James Whittington, 43269, 6th Battalion Northants Regiment, died in the Royal Fortress Hospital, Cologne, on May 24th, 1918, from a gunshot wound sustained when taken as a prisoner of war at St Quentin in France some weeks earlier. The 23-year-old was buried at the Cologne Southern Cemetery in Germany.

While previously interned at Limburg in Germany he wrote a fairly optimistic letter to parents Frederick and Martha Whittington at 85 Ash Road, Luton in which he said: “I have been wounded and taken prisoner, but am getting on all right, so you must not worry about me. I am looked after all right and my wound is healing nicely. I have got one in the right leg this time.”

Charles Whittington joined the Army in January 1916 and went to France the following December. He was wounded in April 1917 and returned to England for treatment, rejoining his regiment in July 1917.

The Red Cross record of his death said further information was missing, but the Luton Book of Life compiled at St Mary's Parish Church carried details supplied by his family of when and where he died.

Before joining up, Charles was employed by printers Marshall, Brookes & Chalkley, of Frederic Street, Luton.

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L-Cpl Charles James Whittington

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