Captain Arthur George Starkings

Rank or Title

Date of Birth

21 Mar 1888

Date of Death

27 Sep 1918

War time / or Pre War occupation

Student missionary

Place of Birth

United Kingdom

World War I Address

7 Francis Street
United Kingdom

Place of Death


Grave Location

Quarry Wood Cemetery

War Memorial Location

Soldier or Civilian

  • Soldier


Beds & Herts Saturday Telegraph , 12th October 1918
Capt Arthur George Starkings

Capt Arthur George Starkings, 38th Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment), was killed in action instantly by a machine gun bullet through the heart while serving in France on September 27th, 1918. He was born in Luton and went to Canada as a missionary in 1913 at the age of 25.

In a letter of condolence to widowed mother Mary Starkings at 7 Francis Street, Luton, a Major wrote that 'Starky' was killed in one of the most brilliant advances his battalion had ever made. He was shot by a machine gun bullet through the heart, and his death was instantaneous. “I was present when he was buried with other officers and men who died during the operation.”

While military records show Arthur as a lieutenant, the Major said he had had the pleasure of recommending him for his captaincy a few days before he went into battle, and he put up his third star on the day he went into battle.

Arthur, who was born to Mary and the late Daniel Starkings in Luton on March 21st, 1888, had become a theological student who had gone to Canada as a student missionary with the Church Colonial and Continental Society at Emmanuel College, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

In 1915 he joined the 4th University Company, which was later attached to Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. He crossed to France in early 1916 and was transferred top the 38th Canadian Infantry.

Arthur is commemorated on the Luton War Memorial/Roll of Honour and in the Book of Life compiled at Luton Parish Church.

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Capt Arthur George Starkings

Author: Deejaya

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