Lat. serviens servant to a knight in medieval times. The English borrowed the word sergeant from the French in about the Thirteenth Century. Meaning "non-commissioned military officer" first recorded 1548.  Originally a much more important rank than presently.

Sergeant Nelson Thomas Pike

Sgt Nelson Thomas Pike, was the fourth son of Joseph Peplar Pike and Agnes Pike of Someries Farm Luton. Nelson was born in 1889 in Hilperton Wiltshire, where his father was a farmer.

In 1911, Nelson was working as a Chauffeur for the family of Edward Welton, a Stockbroker who lived in St. Albans.

Nelson joined the A.S.C. as a driver, and was continually engaged in the transport of ammunition and supplies from the railheads to the front line depots, a risky occupation that was open to shellfire and the occasional explosion of ammunition under transit.

Sergeant Arthur Boshell

Serjeant Major Arthur Boshell died age 35 on 22 July 1917, he was the son of Thomas and Margaret Boshell of Reading and husband of Elma Boshell of Mill  House Aldeby Norfolk. His grave reference is 1101 in the Salonika, Lembet Road Military Cemetery.


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