Driver (Dvr) was a military rank used in the British Army and the armies of other Commonwealth countries. It was equivalent to the rank of Private.

The rank was initially used in the Royal Artillery for the men who drove the teams of horses which pulled the guns. It was phased out after the First World War (when all Royal Artillerymen of the lowest rank were redesignated as Gunners). It was also used in the Royal Australian Artillery and Royal Canadian Artillery.

It was also used by all the Private-equivalents of the Royal Army Service Corps and later the Royal Corps of Transport, no matter what their trade. When the RCT amalgamated to form the Royal Logistic Corps in 1993 the rank finally disappeared from the British Army.

Driver Joseph Toyer

Details imported from Luton Absent Voters list and the National Roll of the Great War (Section V).

The National Roll (mostly submitted by families) describes his service as follows: He joined in September 1916 and was shortly afterwards sent to Egypt. He was in action in the Battle of Gaza and other operations during the British Advance through Palestine and was present at the fall of Jerusalem. Returning to England he was demobilised in January 1919 and holds the General Service and Victory Medals.


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