Able Seaman

Able Seaman Stanley Francis Hull

Details imported from Luton Absent Voters list and the National Roll of the Great War (Section V)

The National Roll (mostly submitted by families) describes his service as follows: He volunteered in September 1915 and during the reamiander of the war period he saw varied service in both near and distant waters. He was engaged on patrolling duties in the North Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and Mediterranean and took part in the Battle of Jutland. After returning home he was demobilised in March 1919 holding the 1914-15 Star, General Service and Victory Medals.

Able Seaman Alfred Hubert Bond

Alfred H Bond was a career sailor who joined the Royal Navy in 1913 at 15 years of age. As a boy, his main ambition was to join the Navy, but his father was insistent that he should continue his apprenticeship with the family plumbing and decorating firm. According to family legend, things came to a head, when, on a occasion of being served spotted dick for dinner, said to the effect: "I wouldn't have to eat this....if I was in the Navy". His father was furious, and Alfred, along with two friends, enlisted soon after.


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