Wedding of Elsie Annie Reid and Gunner James Arthur Bint

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8th September 1917

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Luton ward

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When Elsie Annie Reid married Gunner James Arthur Bint at the Baptist's Union Chapel in Luton on the 8th of September 1917 she was then employed as a munitions worker. Her father's occupation was recorded as a postman and her father-in-law, James Frederick Bint, a smallholder. The young couple gave their address as 6 Ashton Road, Luton.  Their first two children, Arthur (Jack) Bint (1919) and Elsie M Bint (1920) were registered at Luton. By 1922 they had moved up to Guisborough, Yorkshire where James (Jim) Frederick (1922) and Edwin (1923-25) were born. Two more children were registered at Doncaster, Charles (Peter) (1925) and Edgar (1930).

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