Sherwood Foresters Come to Town

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30th January 1915


Luton ward

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The Robin Hoods, 2/7th & 3/7th Battns. Sherwood Foresters , 18th November 1921

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1921-11-18 00:00:00
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On the 30th January, 1915, orders were Departure received that the Battalion was to proceed to its War Station at Luton, and Feb. ist, 1915. at 5 p.m. on the same day Captain Rayner left Nottingham in charge of a billeting party.

The Battalion followed on February 1st, and occupied billets in the neighbourhood of the Gas Stove Factory.

This district lent itself very well to this purpose, as it consisted of a number of parallel new streets with houses of a substantial industrial class, and was able therefore to be allotted to Companies like a camp, and the internal work of the Companies was thereby facilitated.

On arrival at Luton it was learnt that the Battalion would be in the 2/1st Sherwood Foresters Brigade, forming part of the 2/1st North Midland Division, the first Brigade Commander being Colonel W. Wright Bemrose, who had formerly commanded the old ist Derbyshire Volunteer Battalion.

The first Divisional Commander was Brigadier General H. B. McCall, C.B.

After its arrival at Luton the Battalion was soon engaged in training of a more advanced nature, and took part in Brigade operations both tactical and route marching. The district was a good one for these purposes, there being suitable open country.

The health, conduct and morale of the Battalion were splendid. 

One week after arrival at Luton the Battalion proceeded to Ongar and spent a fortnight in that neighbourhood.

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