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12th August 1914


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The Luton News , 13th August 1914

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1914-08-13 00:00:00
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Martin bleaching and dyeing works

At a meeting of the Bleachers and Dyers Section of the Luton Chamber of Commerce held on Monday, the position of the industry under the present war conditions was carefully considered, and at a general meeting of the industry convened by the section yesterday (Wednesday) the following statement was confirmed and signed by the various firms:

The undersigned are desirous of doing everything in their powers to prevent, or at any rate, minimise unemployment. They are, however, faced with an extraordinary rise in the price of the principal chemicals used by them. In some cases the prices have practically doubled in a few days and in others they are even now unobtainable at any price, and all the existing contracts put an end to under the War Clause.

Apart, therefore, from their very serious difficulties as to obtaining sufficient trade to keep the works running, it obviously will not be possible to keep the works open except for a limited period with the present price of chemicals and the possibility and even probability of a still further rise. Signed:

T. Lye and Sons, New Bedford Road

Barford Brothers, North Street

Henry Durler and Son, Biscot Road

Exors of G. Carruthers (W. Archer), Park Street

J. L. Frenais-Pirotte, Leagrave Road

James Martin and Sons, Hitchin Road

O. Valentine

Gentle and Son, Peel Street

Luton Bleaching and Dyeing Co, Chapel Street

A. J. Plummer, Buxton Road

O. W. Sinfield and Co, Grove Road

Charles Squires, Midland Road

E. Newman and Co, Cheapside

Baxter Hart and Co, New Bedford Road

R. J. Rowe, Collingdon Street

S. Hubbard, Regent Street

Exors of E. W. Hart (O. E. Hart), Windmill Road

Exors of F. Randall (S. Randall), Langley Road

Rogers and Ashby, Dunstable Road

Bracey Brothers, John Street


(Addresses added from the 1913 Luton Year Book and Directory. The T. G. Hobbs photograph shows the James Martin and Sons bleaching and dyeing works, Hitchin Road, in 1907).

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Martin bleaching and dyeing works

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