Lord Kitchener's Inspection at Luton Hoo

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29th September 1914

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Kitchener's Review, Luton Hoo, 1914

On the 29th September, at Luton Hoo Park, Lord Kitchener inspected the men of the 5th Lincolns, 5th, 6th and 7th Sherwood Foresters, which formed the Notts, and Derby Infantry Brigade, under the Command of Brigadier-General C. T. Shipley.

Major E. M. Morris was Brigade Major, and Capt. R. J. Wordsworth was Staff Captain.

The Stafford and Lincoln and Leicester Infantry Brigades completed the North Midland Division, which was commanded by Major-General The Hon. E. J. Montagu Stuart-Wortley.

The photographer was W. H. Cox.

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