First Battle of Champagne

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20th December 1914 to 17th March 1915


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The First Battle of Champagne (French: 1ère Bataille de Champagne) was fought from 20 December 1914 – 17 March 1915 in World War I in the Champagne region of France, between the French Fourth Army and the German Third Army. It was the first offensive by the Allies against the Germans since the end of mobile warfare, after the Race to the Sea during the autumn of 1914 and the defensive battles in Flanders at the Battle of the Yser and the First Battle of Ypres in October and November.

Date 20 December 1914 – 17 March 1915
Location Champagne-Ardenne, France
Result Inconclusive
 United Kingdom
German Empire German Empire
Commanders and leaders
France Joseph Joffre
France Ferdinand Foch
France Nöel de Castelnau
United Kingdom Douglas Haig
German Empire Helmuth von Moltke
German Empire Erich von Falkenhayn
German Empire Crown Prince Rupprecht
French Fourth Army
~Unknown strength
German Third Army
~Unknown strength
Casualties and losses
France 93,432
British Empire 3,000
German Empire 46,100

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