Engineering firms respond to crisis

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17th August 1914


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The Luton News , 20th August 1914

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1914-08-20 00:00:00
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Vauxhall works c1914

The Engineering Section of the Luton Chamber of Commerce have decided to request all the members of the section to act in conformity with the following resolution:

"That a payment should be made to the wives of all men called up on active service of seven shillings per week and one shilling for each child under 14 years of age, with such modifications as may be deemed advisible in each particular case. The following firms have signified their adhesion to the resolution:

T. Balmforth and Company Ltd, Pondwicks Road

Davis Gas Stove Company Ltd, Dallow Road

Skefko Ball Bearing Company Ltd, Leagrave Road

Vauxhall Motors Ltd, Limpton Road

George Kent Ltd, Biscot Road

The Luton Iron Foundry Company, while not binding themselves to any definite arrangement, undertake to do their best to protect the dependents of any of their men who are on active service.

The section also agreed to recommend that in the event of shortness of trade, the case should be met where necessary by short time and not by discharges of workmen. The following firms signified their adhesion to this:

T. Balmforth and Co Ltd, Pondwicks Road

George Kent Ltd, Biscot Road

Davis Gas Stove Company Ltd, Dallow Road

Vauxhall Motors Ltd, Kimpton Road

The Luton Iron Foundry Company, Cobden Street

Skefko Ball Bearing Co Ltd, Leagrave Road

Vauxhall and West Hydraulic Engineering Co Ltd, Kimpton Road

The Engineering Section's agreement was reported at an adjourned special meeting of the Chamber at its King Street headquarters on Monday, at which the difficulties facing the Dyers and Bleachers' Section was also mentioned.

Chamber President Mr H. Inwards said he understood that 90 per cent of dyes came from Germany, while the bleaching trade used an article which was said to be only produced in Austria and the price of which had gone up by more than 120 per cent.

It was mentioned that peroxide of barium, which is largely used by bleachers, was also used in the manufacture of explosives, and that the price had gone up from £22 to £48 per ton.

The Straw Trade Section is to call a meeting of all manufacturers and merchants, whether members of the Chamber or not.


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Vauxhall works c1914

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